July 17th, 2008

Around the Sphere

Here’s to a great second half. Welcome to all the new MLBloggers who just joined us. Remember to go to Trade Talk
for the definitive blog about all things related to Major League
Baseball’s July 31 trading deadline. It is maintained by 30 MLB.com
traveling beat reporters who are in the clubhouses and on the phones,
and they post fast and often. And by the way, so much for that Joe Blanton player blog as an Oakland pitcher. That’s the thing with player blogs. It’s great to see them start, and it’s fun to follow along and comment with them, and it seems like a thousand reasons why they usually disappear after a while.

Thanks for everyone’s great All-Star Game posts. It was a Midsummer Classic like none ever before, and it was nice to be in 2008 with the capability for all fans to start a free MLBlog and post their own observations of what happened. We listed at least 19 of them with the panel on MLBlogs.com. One new blog with the simple title of Mom was like so many others in that the theme was “best All-Star Game ever.” What do you think? I got home at sunrise after working at Yankee Stadium, and will never forget walking out of there toward the subway, looking up at the sandstone facade of the old park and then at the new park hulking over it nearby, and it hit me then that this could be the last big event I see there. It will be up to the Yankees and whether they can extend their postseason streak. I am old enough to remember back-to-back years that provided great entertainment. It was 1970 in Cincinnati when Pete Rose barrelled over Ray Fosse, and even better, the next year at Tiger Stadium when Reggie and Hank and so many others went yard. For sheer All-Star entertainment, this is the best one since then. I think that when you factor in the nervousness you got hanging onto EVERY PITCH of this All-Star Game — that seem feeling you normally have at the end of October when each pitch could mean you have no more baseball for the year — that it is just fine to call this the best All-Star Game ever. Plus you had that incredible Hall of Fame Celebration. And besides, it’s your MLBlog, you have the luxury in 2008 of being Grantland Rice.

This is a good time to introduce you to Twins Confidential, a great example of another club blog that is providing unique behind-the-scenes access in an unfiltered, club-to-fan-to-club way. Check out that blog’s view of how things went for Justin Morneau, Joe Mauer and Joe Nathan, and leave them comments. Alyssa Milano, who hosted our MLB.com All-Star bash Sunday night/Monday morning along with Joba Chamberlain, just posted her unique view on how the week went. And here’s a traffic/self-marketing tip for you. See that new October Gonzo blog? If I was just starting an MLBlog, I would leave a comment there with my URL as one way for people to find me. You have already seen the first commercials — that is this year’s Dane Cook and everyone is going to find their way from everywhere to that blog.

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