Around the Sphere at All-Star Week

First of all, please stop by and say hi to Roberto at Blogging Dodgers and Baseball. No matter which team is your favorite, you’ll appreciate this blog. Roberto has been at his MLBlog since August 2006, maybe him one of the longest-running MLBloggers among our many thousands of active MLBloggers in this community! Leave him some comment love and he might be able to give you some blogging tips as well. He has some skillz.

Welcome to all the new MLBloggers who came aboard during the Monster 2008 All-Star Game Final Vote process. That was a pretty unbelievable show of online force by everyone, and many of you started new free MLBlogs to talk about the balloting.

After writing about 10 Final Vote stories around the clock for, I am personally psyched to see All-Star Week arrive, and especially one last one for Yankee Stadium. A wild scene here in NYC already has begun with DHL All-Star FanFest, and from the XM Futures Game to the assemblage of Hall of Famers to the State Farm Home Run Derby (short porch in right!) to the Red Carpet Parade that will attract one million spectators on Sixth Avenue to the Midsummer Classic itself…it is going to incredible. And I’m headed to Bon Jovi at Central Park Saturday night, looking forward to it as maybe the Concert of the Century featured monster-sized MLB signage right in the middle of the Great Lawn. If you love baseball (and you do), then you’ll be happy to know that baseball is the reason for this amazing concert and crowd. And our own Alyssa Milano and Joba Chamberlain will be hosting the main All-Star party of the week, Sunday night in Midtown.

I’ve already seen the statues.   🙂  Did you know you can bid on each of them at the Auction?

If you’re a Yankees fan or have been to Yankee Stadium, then be sure to leave a comment with your favorite Yankee Stadium Memories on the new MLBlog. We created it for FanFest, so fans who come over to the area there at Jacob Javits Center will be posting comments with their favorite stories from The House That Ruth Built. Add yours.

If you are blogging about the All-Star Game and festivities, be sure to leave a comment here to let everyone know. If you want more traffic, always remember to leave comments here and at other MLBlogs, and always include your URL as a breadcrumb to find you.

– Mark/


Disadvantage National League. Again.

OMG Bon Jovi just rocked Central Park like you wouldn’t believe…and that sea of humanity watched TWIB and Yankee Stadium specials all the way up until the concert…you guys, this was an unbelievably big night for MLB. This is definitely the national pastime more than ever. I will post pics/vids from the concert, it was truly an incredible scene on the Great Lawn.

Just posted my reasons why Mariano Rivera should not start the All-Star Game.

Steve T.

Here’s the permalink:

I think every team should be represented in the all-star game, but that doesn’t mean every team has to have an all-star. There should be a guy who comes out and tips his cap to represent his team, but is not actually an All-Star. Maybe they should just settle for showing all the logos for all the teams and that’d be it.

Let’s face it, Nats fans don’t care whether Guzman’s in it or not. But Guzman deserves to be there, I think. He leads the NL in hits. ‘Nuff said.

-EJ/Kid From New York = Check out my Yankee blog as I discuss certain topics regarding the Yanks and Major League Baseball in General. Updates come usually at 8:05 PM EST with occasional days off.

How about poor Ryan Howard…first player in 60 years to lead the league in BOTH homers & RBI’s at the break and NOT make the All-Star team! The whole process is a mess… Anyway, I will be at the Home Run Derby, Fan Fest and the Red Carpet Parade and reporting on all the fun! Pictures will be posted once I recover :o) Stay tuned…


i agree about the fan voting, but the funny thing is that the player voting was just as screwed up this year. the players voted in Varitek, when he was hitting like .217. every year you always hear ” this guy is a 6-time all-star” or whatever number, but how many times was that person voted in when there was a more deserving player? although i like voting, fans make too many mistakes. the whole “every team has to represented” thing is stupid too.

I agree with the first comment, the All Star Game has become a commercial monster with a nonsensical voting system that has very little relevance, and is an unecessary distraction, at an exciting time of the actual baseball season.

Juuuuuuuuuuuuust a big of an overstatement. That was actually a funny comment. Fukudome has been a happening and a huge reason the Cubs have been in first place most of the season. Over 200 million votes by fans is a pretty good case of majority rule. It’s not the VORP-Star Game, it’s the All-Star Game. Have fun. It is about baseball. We love it. Ask 80 million fans.

Why in the world is fukudome in the all-star game. I hope the fans of the chicago cubs realize that the all-star game is supposed to represent star players not above average players. This is one of the many flaws that can be found relating to the all-star game (i.e. fan voting). This poor feature is also increased by a factor of twenty-five. It is an absolute disgrace to place such a crucial factor as home field advantage on a single game that has so many flaws in the selection process. I hate the fact that it is this way. I hate it. Whoever made this poor, greedy, and disrespectful decision should be banned from the game. Not Pete Rose. There is no true fan that agrees with it yet it remains true. Disadvantage National League again. Hope the World Series contenders on the National League side are ready to start the series behind before it ever begins. Put the game in the peoples hands that actually care about the game and not making an extra billion dollars. Remeber when it was about baseball and not money. Pleasant thought, would’nt you agree.

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