Latest MLBlog Rankings

Congrats to our friend Zoë Rice, the most-visited fan MLBlogger so far this season.

Here’s the tough news to swallow: Almost all of you have been outblogged by a dog.

Since we relaunched this community on Opening Day, here is the ranking:


  1. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
  3. Big Pupi – Baseball Dog Blogger
  4. The Brewer Nation
  5. Red State Blue State
  6. Prince of New York
  7. Bleeding Pinstripes
  8. Yankees Chick
  9. Baseball Cleats & Shoes
  10. It’s a Kind of a Family. It’s a Kind of Insanity.


  1. Inside the Dodgers
  2. Trade Talk
  3. Bombers Beat
  4. Beck’s Blog
  5. The Pulse (Mark Derosa)
  6. The Baseball Collector
  7. CastroTurf
  8. Frenchy’s Forum (Jeff Francoeur)
  9. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
  10. Inside the White Sox

The phenom on the list is Trade Talk. We launched it a little over a week ago and it is about to overtake Josh’s popular “Inside the Dodgers” for most traffic in the entire season. Maintained on a constant basis by our 30 beat writers, it is showing up on blogrolls all over as the most legit source for trade discussion leading up to the July 31 deadline.

Why is The Baseball Collector included in the latter group? Zack was working for us at MLBAM when he started blogging. Because his was one of the “founding blogs” whose pages were launched in that 24-hour span that MLBlogs was born in April 2005 — in order, Tommy, Mayo, Murray, Sterno, Sutton and Zack — he is keeping the ceremonial MLB PRO BLOGS template reserved for MLBlogs belonging to members of the Major League Baseball family. Through his baseball collecting and widespread publicity, he also has brought to the MLBlogs community a lot of visitors who have found other MLBloggers.

Here’s another really good blog with a passion for collecting baseballs:

Rock Pile Rant…Colorado Rockies

If you want some easy traffic to your blog, leave comments here regularly and always include your full URL as a breadcrumb. We are scheduling our next MLBlogs Network upgrade soon and BY FAR at the top of the list of priorities is helping bloggers find each other. Stay tuned.


I can live with batting sixth for the moment I suppose. It’s like when Oscar Gamble was in the latter stages of his career with the Yankees and was informed he was batting sixth he said, “Well, that’s better than twelfth, where I’ve been batting.”

Thanks for the info re: Top 10. It’s an honor to be included. On behalf of Allen (my cohort) and I here’s a great big RSBS “Holla!” and “Thanks!”.


Cool stuff Mark. What are your chances of doing a Spheroid soon?

Hey, everyone, I just started a new MLBlog for the All-Star festivities — Statues on Parade 20M Run. C’mon along as I am getting up in the morning and going on a 20-mile training run to see all 42 Statue of Liberty 8 1/2-foot replicas swathed in different MLB/team designs and placed all over NYC. You can also enter the Statues on Parade sweeps and win 2 tix to the ASG and State Farm Home Run Derby. If you live in Pittsburgh, just upload a pic with Clemente or Stargell statues, for example. You don’t even have to be in NYC. But I am and this is going to be a Fourth of July to remember.



I like the idea of a Top 10 list and it would be interesting to know the actual figures. I don’t blog on here anymore but I do get regular reports on my site traffic from MLB, but it doesn’t seem as though everyone gets this. Maybe I’m just very special!

Mark, thanks very much. I’ll be on the lookout for the DVDs.

Steve T

Hey thanks for the Props on my blog the Rock Pile Rant. It is cool to have a place to wirite and share my baseball experiences. I enjoy reading a lot of other blogs on and enjoy trying new things with my Blog. This is my first comment on MLBlogsosphere so Howdy and keep up the good work….Go Rockies….D

That is EJ/Kid’s MLBlog…be sure to leave him your thoughts!

EJ/Kid, you have to leave your URL wherever you go. Otherwise it is hard to find you.

Could one of you guys read my blog and tell me what I need to do to improve it? I’m always open to constructive criticism.
-EJ/Kid From New York

Jimmy, you got an email from me yesterday at my email account and send it back to that one, please. I usually ask for 500ish words within a week of receipt if that’s cool. Not a huge deal because it might have to wait till we clear out the All-Star hullabaloo…not much headline space on available these next two weeks obviously.

Zack, way to go. Hey, I assume everyone is watching the Beat the Streak Report at This is shaping up as the story in baseball and not even involving a player…other than them getting hits for this guy. If he takes a million from us I hope it doesn’t come out of my bonus! 🙂


It’s an honor to be included on the list, and I plan to keep my blog going.

My next ball, by the way, will be somewhat of a milestone: No. 3,500.

I might be snagging it later today at Yankee Stadium…

-The Baseball Collector


Thanks for sending out the 2-DVD “Yankee Stadium” set … I just read your e-mail, and viewed your message here, so now I wait to receive the set – today … It will be very exciting to watch, and review the DVD’s about historic “Yankee Stadium” … I really look forward it !!! … Question: When the review is complete, should I send it to the e-mail account, or is there another e-mail address that the review should be sent to? … Thanks again, Mark … Take care, and have a great day! … Jimmy … … p.s. Mark, just as I finished writing this note to you, the door bell rang, and it was the DHL delivery … So, the package has arrived safely, and in great condition … I can’t wait to view the DVD’s, and write the review … The fun begins now !!! … I’ll talk to you soon, Mark … Jimmy

When the Pirates are at .500, you will all know that it was The ‘Burgh Blues that called it first!!!

I don’t think I will ever see myself up there… but it’s ok! 🙂

Randy, Jen et all: I would listen to the Big Pupster. Right now the header is the only option. If you go to some blogs like Zoe’s at, you will see it in her Link List and it is functioning properly. But I superusered it with my admin rights and she was just lucky that it apparently survived the migration from Typepad to Movable Type. There is a humongous string of code at the top of her Link List page in her software, and no one can manipulate it. Very strange. The next upgrade will have something manageable. But there is no dashboard profile view capability and header is only option for the code to be placed. Keep me posted as others have done. – Mark

PS — on another note, Zoe is reviewing a couple of those Mets DVD products, and today I had the Yankees 2-DVD set overnighted to Jimmy. Steve T I’ll send one of those Red Sox versions your way as soon as I’m able. Anyone else, PLEASE step forward and volunteer to review any of those other DVD products I mention two or three posts ago. I don’t check the spam-plagued email account but only rarely, so feel free to prompt my butt here to go check out any email from you there.

I recommend statcounter too! Just drop the code into your header. It also gives me awesome insight into which search engine keywords drive traffic to my blog, such as “trade Julio Lugo” or “$5 foot longs”

Feast hard!
Big Pupi

This brings up the question of how we can get traffic statistics for our blogs. Is there a dashboard available to us so we can find out how many hits we get per month and then some?

Just curious. Keep up the good work!

Hey Mark, question…when you say it is “not easy” not use widgets in the links list, does this mean it IS actually possible? I have tried it and not been able to do it. Was not sure if I should continue slamming my head against the wall or not :o) But if there is a remote chance it may work, I’ll try it again. Ya know, I am a Phillies fan…I enjoy slow and painful torture… :o) Thanks!


Mark, I think you’re right in that the best way to get the most traffic is to post consistently. Just looking at the Top 10 shows the majority posts 5-7 times each week. Regarding Alyssa, yes, it’s ironic that a few of those who predicted her blog’s demise have given up on their own blogs.

Rob, I use the “invisible” version of statcounter and it gives great detailed info.


Steve – hers is top 20 overall and as you know a lot depends on frequency. Alyssa noted that she went through a busy stretch with filming the pilot for her new show. We’re just thankful to have her here in the community, and as you can see she has outlasted a couple of her critics, which I found kind of amusing.

Rob, great post. I am a Lifetime Honorary BBWAA member and Hall of Fame voter and I know that there is going to be an amazing eligibility pool in 5-6 years. Schilling very well could be one example of when you don’t need 300W to be in Cooperstown; I have often thought about his candidacy and would make my mind up later. So much to think about over a half decade to come…Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, etc. If Unit doesn’t feel like hanging on for next year, you could have him, Schilling, Glavine, Maddux…maybe even Clemens if he hooks on as a rental this summer. Will be interesting. To answer your questions about traffic, those two lists are from the same period – Opening Day relaunch to now. The first one is top 10 FAN MLBlogs. The second is OVERALL MLBlogs traffic, which includes MLB PRO BLOGS. The latter have a traffic advantage in that they are typically on the homepage of the club sites so I thought it would be good to distinguish occasionally. You can go to a place like to get a hit counter, as they seem fairly consistent with our reporting. Unfortunately our present version of Movable Type software doesn’t have the profile views in the dashboard, and it’s not easy right now to use widgets in the Link Lists, so some people have put the hit counter into their General Settings area, in the text description field under the title. Not ideal but it works. We’ll have a better upgrade coming soon, will say how much that improves. – Mark

Wow, so my blog is ranked 10th? (It’s A Kind of a Family, It’s A Kind of Insanity). What does this mean in terms of average hits per day? (Why can’t we see our stats?) And what is the difference between those two lists above…. the first is “since Opening Day” and the second is all-time? Or is the first list fan blogs, and the second list pro blogs? Thanks for the explanation. Oh, and just spent a record 12 hours on my latest blog article about why Curt Schilling belongs in the Hall of Fame. Check it out at And thanks for all you do to manage this community.
— Regular Rob, VP of Red Sox Nation

Interesting to see the Top 10 out of thousands of blogs. That Trade Talk blog is awesome and it should get double the traffic once the trade deadline gets closer. I must say I’m surprised at two things: first, the dog (although he wrote a heck of a poem about Kevin Youkilis). The other surprise is not seeing Alyssa Milano’s blog. She averages about 50-100 comments per post. I figured she’d be right at the top.

Steve T

P.S. In my mind, my blog’s at Number 11.
Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

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