June 30th, 2008

Latest MLBlog Rankings

Congrats to our friend Zoë Rice, the most-visited fan MLBlogger so far this season.

Here’s the tough news to swallow: Almost all of you have been outblogged by a dog.

Since we relaunched this community on Opening Day, here is the ranking:


  1. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
  2. FutureAngels.com
  3. Big Pupi – Baseball Dog Blogger
  4. The Brewer Nation
  5. Red State Blue State
  6. Prince of New York
  7. Bleeding Pinstripes
  8. Yankees Chick
  9. Baseball Cleats & Shoes
  10. It’s a Kind of a Family. It’s a Kind of Insanity.


  1. Inside the Dodgers
  2. Trade Talk
  3. Bombers Beat
  4. Beck’s Blog
  5. The Pulse (Mark Derosa)
  6. The Baseball Collector
  7. CastroTurf
  8. Frenchy’s Forum (Jeff Francoeur)
  9. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
  10. Inside the White Sox

The phenom on the list is Trade Talk. We launched it a little over a week ago and it is about to overtake Josh’s popular “Inside the Dodgers” for most traffic in the entire season. Maintained on a constant basis by our 30 MLB.com beat writers, it is showing up on blogrolls all over as the most legit source for trade discussion leading up to the July 31 deadline.

Why is The Baseball Collector included in the latter group? Zack was working for us at MLBAM when he started blogging. Because his was one of the “founding blogs” whose pages were launched in that 24-hour span that MLBlogs was born in April 2005 — in order, Tommy, Mayo, Murray, Sterno, Sutton and Zack — he is keeping the ceremonial MLB PRO BLOGS template reserved for MLBlogs belonging to members of the Major League Baseball family. Through his baseball collecting and widespread publicity, he also has brought to the MLBlogs community a lot of visitors who have found other MLBloggers.

Here’s another really good blog with a passion for collecting baseballs:

Rock Pile Rant…Colorado Rockies

If you want some easy traffic to your blog, leave comments here regularly and always include your full URL as a breadcrumb. We are scheduling our next MLBlogs Network upgrade soon and BY FAR at the top of the list of priorities is helping bloggers find each other. Stay tuned.

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