Mystery Blog: Red Sox Insider

Red Sox Insider. Who is it? Don’t know. Someone in the Red Sox front office. It’s not Rob Crawford, the new VP of Red Sox Nation, and it’s not Big Pupi. You can probably rule out Curt Schilling, because he has his own blog at 38pitches, and also Kevin Youkilis, who closed up shop at Youuuuuukkkkk during this season. It’s not Wally, because he stopped posting during the 2006 pennant races. Could it be as high as a John Henry or a Theo Epstein? What about Bill James or Manny or someone in ticketing or on the grounds crew? No idea. I have the admin capability to see the email address and IP address for its creation, and that was not revealing enough to narrow down an identity. It’s known within the club already, too, and not only still there, but now promoted on So it’s the real deal, only with a mystery element. And by the way, it’s also a great first post. Considering the many hundreds of Red Sox MLBloggers around here, such as The Boston Red Sox Blog or Brownie Points, this should be interesting. Let the mystery begin because it just launched, and comments are turned on. Who is the Red Sox Insider? Have fun.


I’m having trouble logging in to my blog. When I’m on the home page, and I click ‘sign in’ as I always have, I get the ‘sign up’ format and cannot login to maintain my blog. Has anyone else reported this problem or is there something I need to do? I was allowed to sign in to comment here, but have not been able to do so on the home page…Thank you.

I wish it were Bill James, but I doubt it is.

-The Baseball Collector

I have no idea who it might be. But welcome!


Hey Mark, thanks for the link! The new blog looks great and as for the mysterious author, I’d go with Tom Werner who knows a thing or two about putting on a good show.

Steve T

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