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Make sure you put the brand-new Trade Talk blog on your browser toolbar strip or save the RSS feed to your blogreader — whatever it takes to make this an around-the-clock fixture in your life between now and the July 31 trading deadline. It is constantly updated by our 30 Major League Baseball team correspondents here at We’re the only media outlet that staffs every MLB press box with two dedicated beat writers on a traveling basis, and they are at the source of discussions with the general managers and player personnel folks. They are also routinely talking to each other and asking the right questions of those execs, knowing each club’s up-to-date needs and stances on the issues. Jump into this blog with your comments, ask your questions, tell them and others what you are hearing in the rumor mill as well, and make Trade Talk a staple in your trading season life.

Welcome to Phillies Red Pinstripes, who started an MLBlog this month. We also want to thank that blog’s author for providing the link back to our All-Star coverage index area from the reposting of my colleague Ken Mandel’s article about Chase Utley’s All-Star voting update. With that AP settlement case involving The Drudge Retort in the news recently, it’s worth pointing out that common courtesy here. The MLBlogs Network has an “official affiliate/unofficial opinions” relationship to, but please just credit and put a link back if you do reproduce one of our writers’ articles from and the 30 club sites.

Welcome also to our newest MLB PRO BLOG: Redlegs in the Community. The fact that so many clubs want to create blogs and audiences that way only further demonstrates the growing trend that everybody in baseball has to be blogging.

Personal note Part I: It’s time to start another New York City Marathon training program, now that it’s coming upon 16 weeks out from the November 2 event. Base is around 23-25 miles/wk right now. Updated the running blog, too. Any runners out there, please feel free to hit me up with great suggestions and network.

Personal note Part II: Every now and then I just want to replay some of my favorite baseball video clips I have uploaded to youtube. Here are a handful for kicks. You can place them in your own MLBlog by taking the embed code and clicking the last icon on the right of the toolbar above your text field. Here are some examples:

Great batting practice catch. I was hanging around the third base area as Tigers BP was starting and took this with my Canon A540 during the 2006 World Series in Detroit. Jeremy Bonderman basically saves some of his teammates, including Todd Jones, Joel Zumaya, manager Jim Leyland…and I don’t remember if that’s Andy Van Slyke or maybe Kenny Rogers standing next to Leyland. Here you go:

Post some of your own videos and comment with examples here.


First of all, thanks for the late welcome, although I’m only discovering it now. Thanks. Second, you’re welcome on the link back to the All-Star Game coverage and the hat tips that I’d posted at the end of each. It’s something I’d learn by looking at other bloggers when they wanted to point out where the origin of a story that they’re commenting on came from originally. Besides, I’m one of those people who prefer giving credit where credit is due. (Guess it comes from my background as a history major. We tend to quote a lot. ;))


Sorry for pulling a disappearing act here on your blog, but if you’ve checked up on mine at all lately, then you know I’ve been all over the place. (Came five feet from Griffey’s 600th in Miami.)

First of all, I love the vids, especially (naturally) the ones during batting practice.

Secondly, I saw your story titled “MLB to help veterans at home” (I actually couldn’t read the whole thing because my computer is being weird), and I’m wondering if you know anything about the usage of commemorative balls during these games. Snagging one of the “welcome back veterans” balls would make ME feel most connected to the July 4th festivities and to this great country.


-The Baseball Collector

Hello all, what I do in my blog is to post some videos and pictures. Without out them, it looks a little boring. Take a look at my blog, thanks!


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