June 2008

Latest MLBlog Rankings

Congrats to our friend Zoë Rice, the most-visited fan MLBlogger so far this season.

Here’s the tough news to swallow: Almost all of you have been outblogged by a dog.

Since we relaunched this community on Opening Day, here is the ranking:


  1. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
  2. FutureAngels.com
  3. Big Pupi – Baseball Dog Blogger
  4. The Brewer Nation
  5. Red State Blue State
  6. Prince of New York
  7. Bleeding Pinstripes
  8. Yankees Chick
  9. Baseball Cleats & Shoes
  10. It’s a Kind of a Family. It’s a Kind of Insanity.


  1. Inside the Dodgers
  2. Trade Talk
  3. Bombers Beat
  4. Beck’s Blog
  5. The Pulse (Mark Derosa)
  6. The Baseball Collector
  7. CastroTurf
  8. Frenchy’s Forum (Jeff Francoeur)
  9. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
  10. Inside the White Sox

The phenom on the list is Trade Talk. We launched it a little over a week ago and it is about to overtake Josh’s popular “Inside the Dodgers” for most traffic in the entire season. Maintained on a constant basis by our 30 MLB.com beat writers, it is showing up on blogrolls all over as the most legit source for trade discussion leading up to the July 31 deadline.

Why is The Baseball Collector included in the latter group? Zack was working for us at MLBAM when he started blogging. Because his was one of the “founding blogs” whose pages were launched in that 24-hour span that MLBlogs was born in April 2005 — in order, Tommy, Mayo, Murray, Sterno, Sutton and Zack — he is keeping the ceremonial MLB PRO BLOGS template reserved for MLBlogs belonging to members of the Major League Baseball family. Through his baseball collecting and widespread publicity, he also has brought to the MLBlogs community a lot of visitors who have found other MLBloggers.

Here’s another really good blog with a passion for collecting baseballs:

Rock Pile Rant…Colorado Rockies

If you want some easy traffic to your blog, leave comments here regularly and always include your full URL as a breadcrumb. We are scheduling our next MLBlogs Network upgrade soon and BY FAR at the top of the list of priorities is helping bloggers find each other. Stay tuned.

Mystery Blog: Red Sox Insider

Red Sox Insider. Who is it? Don’t know. Someone in the Red Sox front office. It’s not Rob Crawford, the new VP of Red Sox Nation, and it’s not Big Pupi. You can probably rule out Curt Schilling, because he has his own blog at 38pitches, and also Kevin Youkilis, who closed up shop at Youuuuuukkkkk during this season. It’s not Wally, because he stopped posting during the 2006 pennant races. Could it be as high as a John Henry or a Theo Epstein? What about Bill James or Manny or someone in ticketing or on the grounds crew? No idea. I have the admin capability to see the email address and IP address for its creation, and that was not revealing enough to narrow down an identity. It’s known within the club already, too, and not only still there, but now promoted on redsox.com. So it’s the real deal, only with a mystery element. And by the way, it’s also a great first post. Considering the many hundreds of Red Sox MLBloggers around here, such as The Boston Red Sox Blog or Brownie Points, this should be interesting. Let the mystery begin because it just launched, and comments are turned on. Who is the Red Sox Insider? Have fun.

Add the Trade Talk blog

Make sure you put the brand-new Trade Talk blog on your browser toolbar strip or save the RSS feed to your blogreader — whatever it takes to make this an around-the-clock fixture in your life between now and the July 31 trading deadline. It is constantly updated by our 30 Major League Baseball team correspondents here at MLB.com. We’re the only media outlet that staffs every MLB press box with two dedicated beat writers on a traveling basis, and they are at the source of discussions with the general managers and player personnel folks. They are also routinely talking to each other and asking the right questions of those execs, knowing each club’s up-to-date needs and stances on the issues. Jump into this blog with your comments, ask your questions, tell them and others what you are hearing in the rumor mill as well, and make Trade Talk a staple in your trading season life.

Welcome to Phillies Red Pinstripes, who started an MLBlog this month. We also want to thank that blog’s author for providing the link back to our All-Star coverage index area from the reposting of my colleague Ken Mandel’s article about Chase Utley’s All-Star voting update. With that AP settlement case involving The Drudge Retort in the news recently, it’s worth pointing out that common courtesy here. The MLBlogs Network has an “official affiliate/unofficial opinions” relationship to MLB.com, but please just credit and put a link back if you do reproduce one of our writers’ articles from MLB.com and the 30 club sites.

Welcome also to our newest MLB PRO BLOG: Redlegs in the Community. The fact that so many clubs want to create blogs and audiences that way only further demonstrates the growing trend that everybody in baseball has to be blogging.

Personal note Part I: It’s time to start another New York City Marathon training program, now that it’s coming upon 16 weeks out from the November 2 event. Base is around 23-25 miles/wk right now. Updated the running blog, too. Any runners out there, please feel free to hit me up with great suggestions and network.

Personal note Part II: Every now and then I just want to replay some of my favorite baseball video clips I have uploaded to youtube. Here are a handful for kicks. You can place them in your own MLBlog by taking the embed code and clicking the last icon on the right of the toolbar above your text field. Here are some examples:

Great batting practice catch. I was hanging around the third base area as Tigers BP was starting and took this with my Canon A540 during the 2006 World Series in Detroit. Jeremy Bonderman basically saves some of his teammates, including Todd Jones, Joel Zumaya, manager Jim Leyland…and I don’t remember if that’s Andy Van Slyke or maybe Kenny Rogers standing next to Leyland. Here you go:

Post some of your own videos and comment with examples here.

More DVDs for MLBloggers to review

redsoxessentialgamesdvd.jpgMy colleagues in MLB Productions one floor above me here in our Manhattan HQ just sent me down an interoffice envelope stuffed with five unbelievable DVD sets. The message is this: MLB Productions really likes you MLBloggers. We are definitely onto something with this year-long “experiment” of giving MLB.com bylines to MLBloggers.

So here is the latest call for content. Once again, this only applies to people who maintain MLBlogs, because we link to those from the tagline of your MLB.com article. The DVD or DVD sets will each be overnighted to the individuals who volunteer by emailing me with your mailing address…and once again you will have the best chance if you are a fan of the team that is that DVD’s subject.

Once you have one of these, please email me a review of the merchandise within the week. I will schedule content display for consideration on that particular team’s homepage, and you will have the kind of audience size that most writers — traditional or new media — dream about.

Here are the items I need you to review, so step right up:

The Boston Red Sox Essential Games of Fenway Park (6-DVD set in collector’s tin)

The New York Mets Essential Games of Shea Stadium (6-DVD set in collector’s tin)

Shea Goodbye: 45 Years of Amazin’ (hosted by Matthew Broderick and featuring footage of the greatest Mets moments at home)

Yankee Stadium: Baseball’s Cathedral (2-DVD set, exclusive commemorative bronze coin and replica ticket inside)

Red Sox Memories: The Greatest Moments in Boston Red Sox History (features Cy Young, Ted Williams, Carlton Fisk, Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz and many more)

Plus, I am still looking for a D-Backs fan who wants to review:
2001 World Series Arizona Diamondbacks Collector’s Edition DVD Set

The total retail value of these is in the $100s. As always, you get to own the product and get to add an MLB.com byline to your resume if the story works out. It keeps the credibility momentum going for blogging. It helps MLB Productions market their awesome products, and the MLB.com Shop folks appreciate business like anyone else today. Most importantly, it gives a widespread audience of your like-minded fans something they can appreciate, recommended by someone with whom they can identify through shared experience. That’s a lot of wins for one little experiment we started last year! Let’s keep it going…

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