May 14th, 2008

Favorite MLB Moment

I know we’ve done the Most Memorable Moments (Ripken 1, Gibson 2, etc) thing at MLB in recent years, but after watching Manny’s unbelievable Lambeau Leap/double play he pulled off today in Baltimore I was just wondering what your favorite MLB moment was. Something that unquestionably just sticks out, might not be the most famous moment, just personally unforgettable to you. Post yours on your blog and leave the URL here and maybe we can highlight some on and have some Manny-like fun with this. Gotta tell you that our entire office here at the MLB headquarters was going crazy and everyone telling colleagues around them to watch it. That is one of the reasons that our Mobile Video Alerts are insane-popular so far this year; you are somewhere at work or running an errand and suddenly you get a Video Alert on your mobile phone and you are watching Manny Being Like Manny Never Before. I wrote a story on during the last World Series about all the top Manny moments over the years, and I think that has to jump right to the top of the list, don’t you think? Maybe over him going to the bathroom inside the Green Monster during a pitching change and stopping the action.

Also, somewhere out there is the fan who got the high-five from Manny in the home run seats during that double play, and you are most definitely invited to start a blog here and tell us what it was like. Someone find that fan! It wouldn’t be that unusual, as fans in key situations come up with MLBlogs every now and then. Remember Shaun Dean?

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