April 15th, 2008

MLBlogs Network Updates

Thanks for your patience during the difficulties at the Create Links stage within the Link List area of the new Movable Type app. That appears to have been resolved based on feedback of participating MLBloggers who were experiencing problems there, primarily using IE6. Firefox is recommended if you have the option. Please continue reporting here with any issues involving your software as we continue refinements and plan next upgrades.

CALL FOR CONTENT: If you have either PS3, PS2 or PSP system/devices for video games, I am sitting here with three versions of MLB ’08 The Show on my desk and want to overnight them to any MLBlogger(s) who would like an MLB.com byline and a free game. I only need a 200-word review on each, so please SEND AN EMAIL HERE to volunteer. We already have MLBlogger reviews “in the can” for the MLB2K8 game on Wii, PS3 and Xbox, and to make it a total MLB.com package I just need to put together the MLB ’08 The Show review page. Step right up and you can have an MLB.com byline for your resume if you’re a writer.

David Mickey Evans, famed director of The Sandlot classic baseball movie, is an MLBlogger and he just posted about his latest film The Final Season being released now on DVD. Leave him a comment and tell him what you think of the movie.

Bengie.pngPlease welcome our newest blogging player, Giants catcher Bengie Molina. He asked the club if he could get a blog started, and now he not only has one, but two. Bengie, the oldest of the three MLB-catching, ring-owning Molina brothers (also Jose and Yadier), will be blogging in an English-language MLBlog and one that is also posted in Spanish for sfgigantescom.

Meanwhile, Tommy Lasorda is the master storyteller in baseball. He just told another that everyone should know about and pass around.

It’s fitting that we are talking about the legendary former Dodgers manager and current team exec, because Tuesday is Jackie Robinson Day around the game. Tommy got this whole MLBlogs thing started three years ago by saving the very first MLBlog entry as an ode to his former Dodger teammate and late friend who broke baseball’s color line.

Please leave Tommy your comments, as he’s the trailblazer here, and also a welcome note for that catcher on his rival club up the coast. Did you see that Tommy also is going to RECEIVE the Pope this week? And a dinner that night with the President and First Lady in the White House.

Congrats to MLBlogs’ own Zack Hample, who just demolished his own record of baseball snaggage at new Nationals Park. Ran into him on the subway Saturday in NYC and I kept it secret until he could blog about it. Amazing how this guy now has a legion of snagroupies.

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