Just added: MLBlogs Search

Updated 1 p.m. ET Friday

Check out the new MLBlogs Search field we just added to the
MLBlogs.com homepage.

search.jpgFor example, search for “yankees” and you will
get a ton of great Yankees blogs to explore. Same for “grady sizemore” or any other baseball subjects. Try it out, and we’ll keep
getting you around the network in new ways.

Dan and others: Thanks for your patience with the Create New Link issue that is affecting some users within the link lists feature. Known issue and has been on the bug list and hopefully fixed soon.

Just made some more changes in the new profanity filter. If you have asterisks showing up in certain situations, re-pub and see if they disappear. If not, then thesaurus.com.  πŸ™‚

How about those Royals! Lots of KC blogs ranging from Powder Blue to the club’s official front office blog at Around the Horn in KC to Royals broadcaster Steve Stewart to the K Crew.

There is talented writing all over this community. And it doesn’t get
much better than former presidential speechwriter and well-known author
Curt Smith at Voices of the Game. Great to see him back for more in 2008.

Here’s something else that should help your regular chronicling of the baseball season: See my friend Marc’s blog at Angels in New York. You can see how easy it is to post a perfect box score to your blog off the MLB.com game wraps.

Welcome to so many new bloggers like Rangers in 2011? to Go Jays Go to Brewing a Winner or This is our year! Welcome back to longtime former bloggers like Evan at Amazine! Free = big crowd. Nice to see so many
fans and looking forward to your postings. Be sure to leave your
comments with your URL here! The feedback has been very important and please keep it coming as we keep upgrading.

The width of the text columns here are 550 pixels, which means if you
upload and want to position a large photo, you should choose Thumbnail
and specify 550. Then click so it also shows up as a popup. Then you’ll
be all set. So far I have seen various full-width photos that are warped. You can also choose to “remember settings.” Tinker with photos.

And I have to plug Bold Predictions 2008 because the guys who sit around me here in the office created it last night and we can all get a laugh this fall (or hear about how right they were). Make sure you leave some comments for the MLB.com crew there!

Good example of how someone is handling photo album management in the interim. . . . And an example here of how someone incorporates Google AdSense into his blog. He has been doing this for more than two years and you might be familiar with his other blogs. Leave him a comment with your URL and ask him how it’s working and how he does it if you’d like. The best way to keep improving your blog is by asking fellow bloggers.

And a personal THANKS to the well-wishers who are following my off-site Marathonomy blog. Two days or so until the St. Louis Marathon!


Thank you Dan. I actually practiced it with this very comment! Haha


Hi, Jonathan. There is a direct way as there was previously, the “Help” link at the top of your software app. It’s actually more direct; previously you were able to open a Help Ticket and at some point get a response from a third party’s ops team. As for links, the Create Links functionality is being worked on, a known issue affecting some and one that we’re trying to replicate. Any widgets you created on your own would need to be recreated by you, and are not recommended, as they typically diminish performance. Some blogs were so loaded with widgets that the blogs were so slow-loading and browser-crashing that they weren’t going to anymore.


Okay I will trying leaving questions here which is quite odd that there is no direct way to contact MLB Blogs. Since the “upgrade”, alot of the links on my site have disappeared or where not added back. I have tried adding them back to the links section but it will not let me. Anyone with MLB Blogs or any fellow bloggers can assist me that would be great.

Red Sox Nation Daily

Joe, if you sign out, then sign back in to comment, you can then comment fine, and next time you’re at that blog it (likely) won’t prompt you to sign-out/sign-in.


Joe at http://statisticianmagician.mlblogs.com — have not heard this reported elsewhere or experienced it.

Beth: more words removed from filter.

Zack: Six Apart is trying to replicate and fix the issue of some users seeing blank popups whenever you choose that in the Insert Pic step. According to my Six Apart point person last night: “This may be a side-effect of some of the customizations that (third party MT customizer) has put in place, and I will need to work with them to isolate the root cause. This issue does not occur in the base version of Movable Type used for MLBlogs. I have tested the same functionality in my lab, and the full-size image popup works as expected in the uncustomized version of the product.” My advice in the meantime: If you experience this issue, just don’t use popups for now.


For the record, I’m having the same problem adding links. Hope it is fixed soon.

Any info on why I have to leave my comment quickly before it disappears?


Beth at http://yankeeschick.mlblogs.com — thanks re the profanity filter. To answer your question, there are no “uber-strict controls.” Not by a mile. Basically we just migrated to a totally new platform and that came with another handy-dandy profanity filter filled with stupid words, and imagine how much fun it is to sit there and go through the hundreds and hundreds of words and try to catch everything. With opening day, the relaunch and training for a st. louis marathon i just completed today, that was not high on my priority list but i appreciate the concern. I knocked out a lot after the relaunch and will continue to do so. Good luck to your Bombers and bear with me on that stupid filter. (Wish we could just eliminate it entirely.)

Kiowa, please keep me posted on connectivity to the site. Have experienced occasional issues…not many…but more than zero is concern for us. Thanks.

Russell at AZviaslough: Thanks for the comment. There will be a gradual presence of more and more ways to find and search for blogs. What we’ve done the past 2 weeks is just a tiny drop in the bucket of what’s coming re community at mlb.com. A blog is just a little part of the experience ahead.

Everyone: Thanks for bearing with me, including patience for the absence of change on the mlblogs.com page the last 2-3 days. Getting through a little recovery pain and will be back in full motion shortly! If anyone here runs marathons, btw, give a brutha a shout.


The word filter on this site is a little ridiculous. I just posted an entry where I used the word “w.hopping”…..which isn’t profane, obscene, perverted or anything else….and it censored it? That’s a little obscene in and of itself, no? I mean, the context of the sentence was how the Yankees have scored a w.hopping 17 runs in the last 6 games. Is that dirty?

I can understand keeping profanity out, but words like “s.ucks” and “w.hopping” and “d.amn/h.ell” aren’t profane. Not even close to profane. I don’t think anyone is posting a transcript of George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words sketch, so why the uber-strict controls?

Hey Mark,

Thanks for checking out my blog and predictions. I may have gotten alittle excited when I said that the AL East was the best division….more like it’s the most difficult to win because you have the redsox and yanks every year duking it out for the title and wildcard. Pretty much the other 3 teams never even have a shot……….at any rate, we will see what happens….

I do like the new layout of the site, but I have had problems connecting to the site on occasion since the change. Thanks again for the comment, see you ’round the web…


I actually think that it would be better if it was easier to find the blogs that we don’t visit the most.


Hiya. I just wanted to say i love the new MLBlogs look. It is now much easier to find the blogs that we visit most.

Good work guys



^^I’m with this person. I don’t need an email telling me someone has posted a comment — it’s clogging up my inbox. For that featured blog blurb on the MLBlogs home page, what do you have to do to get featured exactly? Because I would like to put myself in the running for that if possible.


how do I turn off the feature where I get an email for each comment left on my blog? I don’t need that. BTW, appreciate the observation about self-promotion. I hear you… it simply has not been a high priority for me.


Thanks Mark.

On another topic, here’s a nominee for the quote at the bottom of the MLB.com page:

“Handed the contract he wants by another team, Varitek will leave the Sox.”

That’s right: I’m predicting the Sox Captain to play on another team in 2009. It’s not quite as bold as predicting the Rockies to play in the 2007 World Series, but Mark we all have to start someplace. πŸ™‚


Zack, I had read your post and saw the same, passed that along. Dan, that’s always the case when you all are reporting these in comments, following up on everything.

Thanks, Mark. It is very reassuring to hear that acknowledged as a problem and that it’s on the list to be fixed. I’ve been feeling the need to convince people I am not crazy (on this, anyway) — like that Twilight Zone where William Shatner sees that monster out his plane window.



Thanks for the info, Mark. Very helpful. But I’m still having a few issues. First of all, whenever someone clicks on a photo, all they get is a blank/white pop-up window. Any thoughts on how to fix that? Also, I’ve noticed that each entry now gets time-stamped when I *start* writing it. Any way to change it so that it gets stamped when I actually save/post it? That’s how it used to be. I think that’s it for now. (By the way, I snagged a LOT of balls last night at Yankee Stadium, and I’ll be blogging about it within the next 24 hours, most likely.)

-The Baseball Collector

Hey John (North State Blues), I saw where you are having the same link problems I am, and I saw on your blog where Mark went in as sys admin and posted a test link. Did that work in fixing your problem? I want to know as I’d like to see if I can get my site fixed.

Mark, on his site you’d written: “Hi, I went in as a sys admin and was able to see the “Create New Link” prompt after going to your Link Lists. You aren’t seeing those three words there? I posted a test link there (you can delete it, I assume). ”

I think we can all see the “Create A Link” prompt, the problem is it just isn’t working for us. Besides John and myself, I know Gamefish’s marlins blog has the same problem, so there’s a few of us. I’ve tried everything people have suggested — deleting previous lists, changing templates, etc. — nothing has triggered it so far. This doesn’t seem to be a matter of a bunch of us who just are too dense to figure out the system. It may be easy to assume that as this seems to be working for most people. But for some reason our “Create A Link” prompts aren’t working.



Hey for anyone (Ryan or John or more), when I add links in manage Link Lists, I use the description as the place for the picture.

What I found was if you’re going to use say the img tag, you don’t use double-quotes (which would be typical), and please try using single-quotes around your src name (e.g. http://…) and also the width and height tags so you’re not trying to squeeze in 800×500 photos there!


Marc from http://baseballramblings.mlblogs.com

Hey Mark! Thanks for the comment and reading my post today. I’d be happy to advise everyone on how to add images to the side bar like they appear in mine but honestly, I don’t know how just yet. The ones that are there carried over and remained after the format transition (thankfully). I’m still figuring out how to add additional/new photos going forward. As soon as I do though I’ll be sure to share! Thanks again!

Prose and Ivy – A Chicago Cubs Blog

Hi, John from http://northstateblues.mlblogs.com here. I’m having the same problem with adding links. I have no problem creating the link lists, but when I go to add an actual link, it doesn’t give me the option, just uploads the same page.

Didn’t know if I was the only one who still has this problem. Thanks.

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