Network Updates

Hey, everyone. Thank you again for your patience during the transition. Everyone is getting used to this, myself included, and there are some rough edges. I keep finding my own things of various magnitude that I’m adding to an internal Google Doc we have going with items that either are receiving immediate attention or are being included in scheduled upgrading over the next month. It’s already a huge improvement over what we were using for MLBlogs the first three years, it’s free, and please know that anything we want to work better is being documented and pushed.

Small would be: “Hey, what happened to that cool text-color icon in the toolbar to make Spheroid subheads?” Large would be: “We need Asset Galleries very soon!” Actually, there are some things planned for the entire community at that hopefully will happen quite soon this season, and handling of user generated content such as photos/videos are considered within that. I know a lot of people are freaking out about not having an old Photo Album right now, but there will be a solution. That was a really clunky way of managing the Photo Album in Typepad 1.0, by the way. “Assets”, as they are called in Movable Type, are basically a blog entry. We’ll have a better solution soon, bear with us. You can always create a Photobucket or Slide or Webshots photo gallery and link it from your blog in some way in the meantime as a stop-gap. We’ll keep continuing the dialogue and your input as always is very, very appreciated. You all are the proprietors here along with us.

On to your comments over the past 24 hours…

Amanda: Comments seem to be working fine now at Good luck to your Tribe this year. Sixty years is about long enough (don’t tell Cub fans).

Jenn at Phillies Phollowers and Zach the snagmeister: Thanks for the profanity filter heads-up. OK, here’s the deal on that. Three years ago, Six Apart installed a profanity filter for the first MLBlogs. Over the course of those three years, I gradually deleted or common-sense-ified at least 100 of the terms. Nothing more fun than sitting there going through a list of everything you don’t want your kids to know. Anyway, your suggested changes have been made, as were many more. This should be like a ballpark.

The proprietor of Hook, Line Drive & Sinker commented: “I would really like to be able to add links to my link lists, but when
I click “add new link,” absolutely nothing happens… It has been going
on for days. The list titles are finally showing up, but I can’t add
actual links to them. I’ve read a few other complaints about this, but
still haven’t seen an answer.” I just went through another MLBlogger’s link list process. I was able to click “Create link”, and then I am given a field for the URL and also one for the link name. What I really like — a definite improvement over our past MLBlogs — is being able to add a description right there. After you create it, you just click Edit next to the link name and write descriptive text. For example, Alyssa Milano’s relaunched MLBlog now has pricing underneath the clothing line name in her TOUCH Links list. That’s pretty cool to be able to show that right there.

Also on the subject of links. Not that he has a lot more free time than me, but my colleague Mr. Matthew Leach, who covers the Cardinals for us at, was our first beat writer to blog a few years ago and is very tech-savvy. He just put his new book in his side panel (memo to Paul at The Prince of New York or Zoe at Pick Me Up Some Mets!, check that out), so I know people are seeing images showing up in side panels now. Feel free to stop by and say hello to Matthew and ask him if he has any advice for you on that front. Our partners have been looking into link lists overall and this is a work in progress.

That same Marlins fan (and Zach) asked if we would be able to re-order side panel categories soon. You cannot do this currently. That is one thing we had in the past Typepad app that was taken away, and I’m not really happy about that and it is on the agenda for subsequent upgrade. For example, when players start blogs, I want you to be able to see links at the top of their side panel to their particular team. So it’s the same for all of us, and I’ll push on your behalf to that to happen soon in the MT world. As I said, some things are just different, and overall things are incredibly better. Also, I noticed that link lists are upside down in the migration, not good, I just had to delete and re-enter a bunch for another MLBlogger.

Many have asked about the Browse by Team index disappearing in the relaunch. I have reiterated that we went from a pay site to a free site, which people love, and that means we are getting a lot more blogs created around the clock. It has been far more than I even expected. This even further reinforces my desire to have nothing to do with trying to keep up with manually indexing them as I and an assistant did before. We will automate it so that your template choice is recognized and that groups you into a team category on a browse page of some kind. That is scheduled in the next upgrade, hopefully in the next month.

In the meantime, here is a link to the old MLBlogs Active Roster index page on It still has all (or most) of the MLBlogs at the end of our first iteration last week. I do not intend to update this, so do not ask me to add you to this page. You should be tagging like crazy, because tags will be an important way for users to find each other going forward. Look for continued prominence with use of tag search features. We have requested a timer be placed on the tag cloud code on the homepage, because Categories migrated as tags and thus all of those old Categories (ballgames, equipment, road trip, whatever) dominated the tag cloud. That’s because there are three years worth of them, and your new tags would have no chance of outranking those in search results anytime soon. So if we can have the timer specify to start the tag cloud search last week, then it will make sense to you and you will see words like “yankees”, “santana”, “opening day”, “fukudome”, etc.

Zack, I see that I can change time zone preference in my sys admin role, and if you aren’t seeing a capability, then we’ll have to get that fixed, obviously. We don’t want everyone to have Central time zone set, and we sure don’t want me being the one to change everyone’s time zone setting. I’m not sure that’s missing, someone else let me know. I will also check this status with our relaunch partners.

One of our club publicists who blogs asked me where the spellchecker went in the toolbar. I didn’t remember it in the last one, since I don’t use one, but she did, so I if it’s important to people I am asking that we return it. It’s that little a-b-c icon, not there now.

Soxangst: First of all, please always remember to include your URL when you comment here! That’s a cardinal rule for self-promotion as a blogger. If you don’t leave that breadcrumb for people to find you, then you’ve just lost a chance at audience. That should be at the top of everyone’s strategy checklist here for self-promotion and building a following. Comment everywhere on other MLBlogs, be a great neighbor, and always leave your full URL under your name. Now to your point, which was a great one: “Can we have a link to sign in on the top banner of our blog instead of having to tune into mlblogs main page every single time?” We give you a Register/Login link at the top of every article page, so I’m not sure why we would not replicate that approach with the new MLBlogs Network. I will push for that unless, as Zack suggested, someone here internally shows me a good reason why not.

We also are planning to add a Next/Previous link at the top of all blogs so that you can explore the community randomly a la Blogger.

Adam at Sox Pride: Great to have you back! (He’s a Spheroid if you want to scroll through that list of featured MLBloggers from the past few years.) By the way, Spheroid is actually a great example of how tagging worked through the migration. I had created a customized Category in the old Typepad app starting in late 2005, so each time I did that 9 Questions for “Spheroids”, I would choose that Category. Now it has migrated over and is humongous in my tag cloud here, so you can just click it and see how tagging can work great for you.

Matt at Diamondhacks: Yes, nextpub just means the next time you publish, it should push an item like that to production. I see this happening sometimes and sometimes not. Sometimes for the better. I was doctoring someone’s link list for them and I clicked Edit next to one item, filled in a description, clicked Done, then I hit the Save Changes blue button on that page. I thought I would have to go re-save a most recent entry to make it “nextpub”, but I saw that it showed up fine when I reloaded the site.

Dave at Rockapril: Not sure what errors on blog pages you were referring to. If you still are seeing any glitches, please let me know. Your page looks fine, anyway. And welcome to MLBlogs! Enjoyed myself at Coors Field there late last October, my first trip to that yard, although I wasn’t happy to spend six innings of Game 3 on a stretcher in the first aid office due to altitude sickness. I wound up on the DL for the Sox clincher, not a good memory.

Oh, and we really need a darker color for the previously-clicked links. That light gray is almost impossible to notice.

To be continued. Thank you again for your feedback, keep the constructive comments coming.


I love blogging here and everyone has been so nice even though I’m just a kid so I have a suggestion. I have a blog on & I really like their add elemnts feature that lets you add polls, photographs & stuff- up t0 10 elemnts on the right hand side of your page that stay there. I wish this site could add that feature. If you look at my blog on blogspot you’ll see what I mean
And this is my blog on MLBlog

BTW- I forgot to leave my url it’s

HELP! I’m new to MLBlogs & it’s very differnt from Blogspot. My blog doesn’t show up on the MLB Blog search and my “tag cloud” is just jumbled words. Can anyone help a kid out & tell me how to get my blog so people can find it using the MLBlog Search box? Thanks

Hey, thanks for the reply! You are awesome!!! Keep up the great work…Luv & Peace, Jenn

Hey Steve,
No that doesn’t work either. That is something I tried to do before, and I think it is what made the Link List titles finally appear on my site. But I still get an error when I try to “Create A Link.”



Try this… on your dashboard go to select a new style under design. Change to a different one and save your changes. You can change back to the old if that is what you prefer. That triggered mine to appear…. sorry if I already told you this and it did not work, I can’t remember.


Hey Mark, regarding what you said about Hook, Line and Sinker’s comments about having problems creating links in link lists — you mentioned you were able to go through someone else’s link lists and you talked about how it worked, but it didn’t answer the question about what is going on with the problems some people are still having (like HL&S and myself). I guess it has been working fine for many people; I have some blogger friends who have it working. But for some of us it hasn’t worked no matter what. Following instructions, I’ve deleted all previous files, etc. Nothing works. I can create links lists and have them show up; but when I hit the “Create A Link” link to place links in those lists, nothing happens.

When I move the mouse over other links on the page, I can see the address those links would take me to. When I move the mouse over the “Create A Link” link, it just shows me the link of the page I am currently on (instead of a different address to take me to). Don’t know if that has something to do with it. Also, if it is a pop-up, I do have my browser set to allow pop-ups, so that shouldn’t be the problem. Weird that this works for some folks but not others. But I can only imagine (or hope and pray) that since it works for some people there should be a (relatively) easy solution for those of us having problems.

Anyway, it is a super important problem to some us who run ads as we need to be able to publish those links because we have ad agreements. Otherwise we might get heat, need to give refunds, or other ugly undesireable options.



Hey Mark… is there anyway to have multiple authors on my blog without sharing my user name and password with that second author, whether now or in the future? No rush on an answer to this. Although, I can not imagine you are busy with anything. The new setup is getting better each day… patience makes the transition so much easier!


Flair For The Dramatic, Russell and gamefish: Checking further on those reports, thanks for your patience.

Thanks for the help and the quick fix, Mark!

60 years is long enough, but I think as long as CC stays confident and Grady and Pronk bounce back from rough seasons, the Tribe has a good chance to win it all.

As we’ve seen from the first two games, pitching wins championships. I think that’s going to be the downfall of Detroit in the Central race: their lack of a bullpen which was apparent in their first two games against the Royals. Although, I think the Royals are going to surprise everyone this year with guys like Billy Butler and Alex Gordon.

Thanks again.

“I just went through another MLBlogger’s link list process. I was able to click “Create link”, and then I am given a field for the URL and also one for the link name.”

Unfortunately, I cannot do the same. I have used three different computers, and all I get when I click on “Create Link” is an “ERROR ON PAGE” message, and no field to type in the link or its description.

Same here, if i stop the page from loading fully the comment box is there, but if the page loads all the way, all it says is “you do not have permission to comment this blog”.

Of course I meant to say “if” not “ii”. Apologies.

but ii I do it in short bursts I can comment

I also have “you do not have permission to comment”

A blurb for your consideration…

“I thank God every day that I wasn’t born a Cub fan…”


If people used Firefox as their browser, they wouldn’t need a spell check feature on this site. When you misspell something, it’s underlined in red and when you right-click on it, it’ll give you the proper spelling. So there’s a stop-gap until that issue can be resolved. So go download Firefox and use that for a while. You can add tons of gadgets to it, and it’s the best browser on the interwebs anyway.

My only further issue is whether or not we’ll be able to alter the configuration of our blog, like the sidebar and backgrounds and stuff like that. If the goal is to make this place as user-friendly as Myspace is, something like that would go a long way to helping that happen.

I having trouble commenting. I keep seeing “You do not have permission to comment on this blog.”

Also, It’d be great if we saw some different template options. On the last site we really got to customize the look of our site, being able to change the order of things, choose whether to put writing on the left or right side, etc.

I would really like to be able to add links to my link lists, but when I click “add new link,” absolutely nothing happens… It has been going on for days. The list titles are finally showing up, but I can’t add actual links to them. I’ve read a few other complaints about this, but still haven’t seen an answer.

Also, are we going to be able to arrange our own sidebars at any point? I’d love to exclude “recent comments” and “recent entries” in favor of something more interesting.

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