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Updated 9 p.m. ET Tuesday

Our friend Roberto over at Blogging Dodgers and Baseball asked in the comments: “What happened to my Photo album? No more albums?” This entire project has been an upgrade from the antiquated Typepad 1.0 app and steady upgrades will be added. Among them will be the development of an Asset Gallery. MT currently designates photos, videos and audio files as “assets”, and look for that enhancement in the near future.

Speaking of Dodgers blogging, check out original MLBlogger Tommy Lasorda’s post from tonight. Great story about Steve Sax and Kenny Landreaux. Only Tommy can tell it like that!

We temporarily changed “Most Recent” to “Most Recent Activity” just to avoid any confusion while the automation of latest blog headlines is being worked on. As you’ve probably noticed, saving any entries, including comments, causes a blog to have its title show up there. So when you see the Visitor’s Guide listed often, for example, that means someone on the homepage just saw the prominent link to give us feedback about the homepage design. That company blog is an MLBlog just like yours, so that comment makes it show up in the “Most Recent Activity” just like you saving a new text post. Soon there will be multiple tabs for Most Recent, Most Popular, etc. But for now, it’s just overall activity. This is what Facebook users are used to seeing on their Dashboard/Home page, so it’s not uncommon, but we obviously want to separate the comments from that.

Bottom line is that the “Most Recent Activity” headlines keep changing fast around the clock now, and it’s a good way to get around to other blogs. With more getaround to come.

All linked lists are
republished in the sidebar (on the *next* publish). We’re going to add
a callback to make these things publish more aggressively.

One of the best things I’m seeing is so many bloggers asking and learning about tags. These will become increasingly important going forward with MT — incredibly important. Now is a good time to start always tagging words/phrases relevant to your entry you’re saving, whether it’s a text post or an Asset. When we add Search Tags, you’ll want people to find you that way. If you’re a Yankees blogger, for example, you should always tag “yankees”. Then when someone searches for all “yankees” tags, they can find your entry.

settings on this community blog are restored to descend so most recent
is at bottom. Thanks for the feedback. Funny how we are accustomed to
comments being first at Facebook, MySpace and elsewhere, but here most
people want to scroll to the bottom to find their new comment!
Preferences seem to vary from site to site.

We’ll be adding a
“Next” and “Previous” link in the near future on the top of all blogs,
similar to your average Blogger page. Any further ways we can help
bloggers find each other is one of our top priorities (along with
assets/link lists). IMPORTANT: Please feel free to keep nominating
yourself here to get on that valuable spot at the bottom of the
homepage! We added that blog excerpt feature when we relaunched the homepage last week, and each day we have been driving that
audience to a different MLBlog. Make it easier for us by posting 15 to
25 words you hope to have excerpted as a comment here, and include your
URL. It’s great to post comments here about how the blogs are working,
but you can be your own marketer as a blogger and help editors
know what you’re posting.

Please let me know here if you are experiencing any issues with getting from the green Signin link on the homepage to the actual signin page.

One tag cloud problem on
has been that Categories migrated over as tags, so it doesn’t matter
how many times you enter the word “Yankees” or “Royals” as a tag, it
would take years before they overtook three years worth of Categories
listings in ranking. So we’ve asked that a time code be added to
exclude any of those migrated tags.

All of the comments on this
blog are added to an ongoing queue and we appreciate them very much. I
appreciate everyone’s patience. Among dozens and dozens of other things
being worked on by the MT software developers and various PMs and
programmers, I am going to at least get the old Browse by Team
functionality back on here as a stop-gap while we wait for a smarter
automation based on template choice. It’s a long season and you kind of
have to have an even keel attitude like the players do. Keep reporting
any bugs/issues, and please keep helping other MLBloggers within these
comments if you share experiences where you’ve found solutions. And
yes, I’d like to see paragraphs back within these comments, too!

Take Me Out To The Blog Game

We’re looking for someone to sing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” at the All-Star Game this July 15 at Yankee Stadium. If you sing or can perform a version of that song as well as you blog about baseball, then enter your video in the contest by late May and then comment on the Take Me Out To The Blog Game page that just went up here. . . .

Predictions – mine and yours

On April 1, 2007, I predicted on the homepage that the Rockies would be in their first World Series. For full disclosure, I had them beating Texas. My philosophy in this era is pretty simple: The majority predictions will be abject failures, and it will be Shocktober. You know in your heart when you have been making your picks out there that there is no way in hell it is going to be right, but somehow you were taught to use logic in baseball.

Here we are at the start of another season, and I just wanted to be on record first with my predictions for 2008. I am going with the Padres all the way this year. I feel the same thing about them I did with Colorado last year. I believe it is their time. First of all, let me summarize why I believe it is time for San Diego’s first major sports championship.

I am a Bud Black guy. When I was a Giants beat writer for the San Jose Mercury News, I was around Bud every day and he was my go-to guy. He just exuded class to me, intelligence, leadership, and grittiness. That was toward the end of a fine career. I think Bud Black is your next generation’s Tony La Russa or Bobby Cox, and by that I mean a guy who is going to be approaching records for managerial victories. I think he wins his first World Series as a manager in 2008, having won as a pitching coach with the Angels (2002), having won as a player (1985 Royals), and I think he will have a lot of pennants and world championships as a manager in the years ahead.

He has the pitching. He knows what to do with it. Jake Peavy, untouchable. (And yes, it was before Peavy’s Opening Day dream game that I turned this ballot into our company predictions keeper who does this each year.) Chris Young — my predicted Cy Young winner. Horribly bad-luck second half last year, should have been an 18-game winner, will go 22-5 in 2008. Mark Prior, you’re back and in the right place around Black. Greg Maddux at the back of your rotation. (Ex-Cub factor everywhere, not a great sign.) Heath Bell showed during the pennant race what a terror he is going to be in late innings. Trevor Hoffman is looking good this spring. I look at San Diego’s roster and up and down their pitching — and it is so late October.

Jim Edmonds (DL) and Tadahito Iguchi bring the rings. Adrian Gonzalez is going to be the why-not-him All-Star sentimental buzz in a few months. These guys will get back to Shocktober, but it won’t be with old perceptions. NL West and a World Series to SD. I’d feel even stronger about it with a little more sizzle in the Padres’ lineup, but I still believe it is their time.

NL East: Mets. NL Central: Brewers. NL West: Padres. NL Wild Card: Braves.

AL East: Red Sox. AL Central: Indians. AL West: Mariners. AL Wild Card: Tigers.

MVPs: Prince Fielder, David Ortiz. Cy Youngs: Chris Young, Justin Verlander.

It’s fun. You can really make a case for almost every team. The past couple of months I’ve thought about the likelihood of a Sendoff Series in New York, I’ve liked the Brewers (easily could win it all), I’ve liked the Angels (something doesn’t feel right now, injuries only part of it), I’ve liked the Indians (CC/FC, out go the lights), etc. I think it’s stupid to pick Boston because 29 teams are standing in the way of repeating, and all but a handful could win the ring. This is why more than 80 million butts will hit seats. That and the fact that we love this game. Yesterday brought back everything to me, thinking about what it felt like to get good wood on the ball and smash homers into cornfields as a teenager in Indiana, how much you hated hearing that the field had too much water after that storm so you’re rained out today, playing whiffleball in the streets in the rain and using ghostrunners and pretending you are the ’70 Twins and Carew is up, teaching your son to chuck those big acorns at Redwoods in SF to learn to throw on his way to becoming a high school All-Stater one day, playing pitch-and-catch and hotbox all the time, scoring a 4-6-3 double play, asking Terry Mulholland to sign your scorebook after his no-hitter, watching Joe Carter’s ’93 homer land right in front of you, being there for Cal’s 2,131st, being there for Big Mac’s 62nd, being there for Michael Jordan’s Spring Training experiment, remembering how mad you were in ’94 and how happy you are now, standing next to Youk and Papelbon on the infield grass last October at Fenway as they did the strut immediately after clinching the pennant, just loving baseball. I still love it and I know you do, too.

Who’s going to win it all?


My links are showing on the page, so that’s progress. I still can’t access my links, though. When I click on Manage Links, it shows the titles of the separate lists, but when I drill in a bit to edit them (I want to take some of the descriptive narratives out), the list comes up empty.

Anyone else having errors on blog pages? I’ve tried on different connections and computers…. same thing each time. No more Rockies love? Ouch…. :^(


Can you clarify your italicized statements for me ( and perhaps for others).

All linked lists are republished in the sidebar (on the *next* publish). We’re going to add a callback to make these things publish more aggressively.

What does “next publish” mean? I just published a post, hoping it might trigger my old sidebar link lists to reappear, but they’re still not displayed. And I’ve deleted all previous typelists that had html widgets in ’em (to the best of my knowledge). Still nothing. Is “next publish” something on your end?

“What happened to my Photo album? No more albums?” This entire project has been an upgrade from the antiquated Typepad 1.0 app and steady upgrades will be added.

You answered the second question, but I’m unclear on the first. Are the old photo albums we built being retrieved and migrated, or abandoned?

Just wanted to check in and let you know that “Sox Pride” is up and running after a long hiatus. Sorry, I have been really, really busy covering the Badgers up here in Wisconsin since August. I know we have done some things in the past on MLBlogoshere and I even did a segment on MLB Radio, so I just wanted to make sure you guys knew that I am back for a new season.

That’s a good idea, although I kinda like being forced to go to the MLBlogs home page because there’s lots of great stuff there that I might otherwise miss.

The new filtering/censoring system is way too strict. I just discovered that previously acceptable words like “d a m n” and “c r a p” were recently bleeped out of old entries, and I don’t think they should be. Anything you can do to loosen the rules?

-The Baseball Collector

Can we have a link to sign in on the top banner of our blog instead of having to tune into mlblogs main page every single time?

Thanks for all the info, Mark. VERY much appreciated.

Now that I’ve figured out how to make links and post pics, I have two other questions:

1) Is there any way to have the date of each entry appear at the top instead of the bottom?

2) The internal/invisible clock on my blog seems to be programmed to central time. I just posted an entry a little after midnight (eastern time) but when it appeared on my blog, it was time-stamped in the 11pm hour from the day before. So the question is…how can I change this?

The old MLBlogs seemed to have many more options for customizing little things like this. Eventually, I’d like to delete the “recent comments” section from the side panel, so I have no idea if that’s even possible.

Thanks again.

-The Baseball Collector

Thanks for the answer 🙂

What happened to my Photo album ? No more albums ?

Mark –

How about this excerpt?

“If the Chicago Cubs were cocaine, ESPN would be wiping Soriano, Lee, Fukudome, and Zambrano off of their noses. Some have already overdosed!”

From the classic post “Pedro Gomez Hearts Milwaukee”:


Here’s an excerpt I’d like used…
It’s a little late, but I did exclusive coverage of the Civil Rights Game for MLBlogs, but due to the switch of the layout and so forth, I’m not sure anyone got to read it. It’s hard to find my blog…but anyway, here’s an excerpt from that story and a link to that story, I put a lot of time into it and I think MLB fans would enjoy reading it even now, after the game has passed for a few days.

“That is the kind of moment I’ll treasure as a human being and a baseball fan. That is the kind of moment I want to share with you that ESPN really couldn’t put into words today…that is the kind of moment I live for and I couldn’t be happier to have MLBlogs at my fingertips to share it.”



I was just wondering when the comments are going to be fixed up. Right now, on my most recent entry, it says I have two comments, but it’s linking to bigpupi’s blog when I click the comments.

Also, any word on when the recently updated blogs list is going to be fixed on the homepage? Yesterday, when I posted my opening day entry, it never showed up on the front page like it did in the past when I post a blog. Is that glitch going to be fixed? Thanks again.

With all due respect to my Yankee friends, I think most of us find the notion of an anti-Yankee media pretty laughable.

Mark, great call with the Rockies last year. You may have been the only one on the planet. If I’d made that call, I’d be a heck of a lot more boastful . . . things like proclaiming myself a genius, the ultimate baseball swami, i.e. Muhammed Ali ranting after he knocked out George Foreman. “I am The Greatest!!!”

The new look and features are great. Sure, there’s some frustrating aspects now. But once everything gets smoothed out the site should be great.


All Yankees fans that also notice how the media is writing off the Yankees this season while they portray the sox to be the favorites while they have similar issues as us…go to and read “Anti-Yankee Media” which has facts that prove the media wrong.

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