A Change Is Gonna Come

A new MLB.com homepage…

New MLB team homepages…

And now a new blogging community here at Major League Baseball.

Please keep an eye on this space, as MLBlogs are about to be relaunched in coming days. There will be radical changes, an all-new blogging environment, some exciting advances, some getting used to, and we think you are going to enjoy it as the first of many upcoming 2008 steps toward enhancing the overall user community around MLB.com.

Thanks to everyone who has been part of our first iteration here dating back to Tommy Lasorda’s first-ever MLBlogs post on April 18, 2005, the season the White Sox ended their drought. For you existing MLBloggers or those who are thinking about blogging here, please be sure to watch this space closely between now and Friday night. As Sam Cooke sang, "A Change Is Gonna Come."

If all goes according to schedule, blogging the traditional season openers won’t be the same.


Konnor, read comments above yours. That feature is going away at launch in next day, no listings by team.


I dont see my blog under Nationals blogs.


J – there won’t be an “MLBlogs Active Roster” when it relaunches. Soon there will be further aggregation sortable by team but out of the gates there will be other ways to find each other’s blogs. It will be different than what you’re used to here. Better.


Carl – per separate email I sent you, everything should be fine, I saw all of your archived posts and it’s a beautiful world. Am sure there will be some kinks, this is about the millionth launch/relaunch of some kind here at MLBAM the past week.

Picked a bad time to run my next marathon…8 more days. Nothing like stacking everything up at once.



Can you please allay some anxiety among many of us that all our previous blogs will still be accessible and the look with photos will be the same.

Or are all of our previous blogs going to disappear or look completely different than we intended?

I’m excited for the changes, but I am trying to save my layouts of over 250 blog entries as we speak.

hmm… I was going to ask about the Active Roster as well and how I made it to the top. I’ll wait to see the changes. They sound both ominous and a bit intriguing.

Hi, see the post, everything about to change, no adds to be made in meantime. Thanks.

Hi, Mark !

Is there any time frame regarding when my MLBlog…

Baseball, The Yankees, and Life…

will be added onto the “MLBlogs Active Roster” ?

Of course, my Blog should be listed in the New York Yankees section!

I started my Blog in December, 2007; and, it would be great to have it listed on the “MLBlogs Active Roster” before the 2008 season starts next week! Thank You !!!

Mark, I hope all is going well for you. Please keep me informed of when my Blog will be added to the Active Roster! Thanks, again!



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