Spheroid: Boys of Summer

Title: Boys of Summer | MLBlogger: Seth Williams
Template: MLB | First post in The Show

Why did you sign up for an MLBlog?
signed up because I love the game of baseball and love the idea of a
community that gets to chat about their passion for the game. Baseball
is the most beautiful game of all time and it’s great that we all have
a place to discuss the game from different angles and viewpoints. I
love reading other’s pages and hope that someone gets something out of
mine as well.

IndiansWhat is your favorite team and why?
My all-time favorite baseball team is the Cleveland Indians. I’m a Tribe fanatic! I grew up in Ohio and had family living in Cleveland, so I was brought up going to see the Indians play. Back in ’95, my Dad took me to see the Tribe in the World Series
against the Braves. It was a time I’ll never forget. So I’ve basically
been following them my whole life, and it also helps that my favorite
player is Grady Sizemore. That dude is out of control!

What is your favorite thing about blogging?
favorite thing about blogging is that it gives everyone a chance to
throw their views and beliefs out there for others to chew on. It opens
the door for people to communicate with each other when they haven’t
even necessarily met yet. There’s something exciting about getting your
heart out on paper, owning up to it, and then giving other strangers
the key to reading it.

Favorite blogs, including at least one in the MLBlogosphere:
I haven’t really checked out enough yet to find one that I want to read
daily, but a couple that I’ve enjoyed reading so far are Leading Off and The Script "I" (I feel like this dude’s got something good going).

My most memorable MLB moment:

Definitely watching the Indians win their first ever World Series game at Jacobs Field in ’95 with my Dad at my side. Epic night!

What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?

Probably reading Summer of ’49 or hanging out with my beautiful wife.

Last MLB item you bought:

Well, it’s been quite a while, but tomorrow I’m going to buy myself a vintage Tribe fitted hat. I’m pretty excited about that.

Who is your favorite MLB player?
, without a doubt. That dude can flat-out play! He, more than
anyone else in the game today, displays the most majestic blend of
talent, passion, hustle, and love for the game. He comes to play every
day and I respect that drive.

Happiness is:
Finding that one thing that gives your life foundation and purpose and passionately chasing after it with all you have.

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nice spheroid… Go Sizemore! He is awesome!
BTW Thanks for putting a link 2 my blog on the frontpage!


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