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Title: Staats on the Giants | MLBlogger: Aubrey Staats
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Why did you sign up for an MLBlog?

I mainly signed up because I have no one to talk baseball with and in the past
couple of years have become crazy obsessed with the Giants so I needed a place
to show how much I love them. My friends
have no idea what I am talking about when I go into these crazy rants about
games or players. And I also just want
to learn more about the game and so I can have more of my own opinions on it
instead of just going with my dad’s like I have in the past.

What is your favorite team and why?

The San Francisco Giants, of course! I
originally liked them because they are my dad’s favorite team but now I know
more about them than he does and I just really love all the guys. They are great players and great people.
And there is absolutely no better place
to watch a baseball game than AT&T Park.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

My favorite thing about blogging? Hmmm…Well, I have found that since starting my
blog I have learned a lot more about baseball. I guess you could say it has broadened my horizons. I know more about players that don’t play for
the Giants when before I only cared about Giants players. I know stuff about other teams and what to
expect when the Giants are going to play them. So yeah my favorite thing about blogging is that I get to learn more
about baseball.

Favorite blogs, including at least one in the MLBlogosphere:

Baseball By the Bay and Bleeding Pinstripes are my top two with Some Ballyard
coming in a close third.

My most memorable MLB moment:

Just last Saturday I got to go on the field before the Giants played the Rockies and take pictures with all the
guys. It was amazing! I shook Bruce
Bochy’s hand and it was so big that I could barely curl my fingers around
it. The palm of his hand was almost the
size of my whole hand! He doesn’t look
that big on TV but man is that guy huge.

What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?

Studying. I really should do that more.

Last MLB item you bought:

I just ordered a Steve Kline shirt. I
love how feisty he is.

Who is your favorite MLB player?

Omar Vizquel!  Without a doubt one of the
best defensive shortstops EVER! 11 Gold Gloves.  Most hits by a shortstop since 1957 with 2513.
Most double plays turned by a shortstop with 1596. The man is simply amazing!

 Happiness is…

Friday night in the freezing cold at AT&T Park eating garlic fries and watching the

the Spheroids
link on the side of this community blog, and check out the list of them
going back a couple of years. You can find out more about your fellow
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All of your MLB blogs have no dates. I have read them several boring times, please date the blogs and I will be glad to particapate
Red Feathers

i love my cubs, but i’m tired of dumpster(yes i spelled it like that)not being clutch..the hitting has to improve, and someone tell me why we signed kendall..he blows..can’t hit,or throw anyone out attempting to steel 2nd..and if he does hit its always into a ground out, or fly out..he just blows…i say make marmol the closer, he looks like K Rod out there..good movement, and fastball..

I think that it is time for the baseball fans to wait and see if any committee or court of law prove that Bond’s used steriods. Bond’s is one of the best player I have seen in my time. He is still hitting homes runs and will until he stops playing ball.
There will be someone that will break the record, all records are there to be broken. (A-Rod)

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that Reggie Jackson hit his 500t hr in Yankee Stadium also In fact I was there when he did. They keep announcing only the Babe and the Mick did it. I believe they’re in error. Thanks and let me know.

The only thing we (all baseball fans as a whole) should be thinking about and hoping for is hoping the Barry Bonds fesses up that, yes, he knowing took steroids. Then his career would no longer be based solely on the fans theories. Granted, if he comes out and admits his sin against baseball, he’ll be banned from the game just like Pete Rose (AS HE SHOULD BE!) ****, the evidence is there; the Giants are just coddling their cheating “slugger”.

Was it Irish night?

why is it that some people in the stands are wearing green Boston Red Sox shirts and hats–not the regular RED–what’s this for and what does it mean

I have a trade purposal. Ken griffey Jr. to the mariners for Jose Guillen and Richie Sexson. The mariners would get another power bat and a home town favorite as well as a lefty bat. The reds would fill their right field slot, and get a power hitting first baseman who could then be traded or replace adam dunn. Then they could trade adam dunn. Win win situation? im a mariner fan though, so maybe im biased.

I completely agree. I wish he could get into the All-Star Game this year but I know his weak bat is a factor. You wouldn’t know it by tonights performance though. He went three for five scoring three runs out of five in tonights game against the D-backs. He definitely doesn’t get enough attention but he will for sure get in the Hall of Fame and be forever remembered as one of the best shortstops that ever lived.

I love your blog by the way. Your collection is amazing!



I love Omar. He’s seriously underrated, but I’m hoping that’ll change in about…oh…maybe seven years when he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame.

-The Baseball Collector


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