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Why did you sign up for an MLBlog?

I signed up for an MLBlog because it is hard to talk baseball with anyone who has any real knowledge. I read the experts’ opinions and watch the games, but when I discuss it at work it seems to be…um…ignorance? I love the game. I love the Red Sox. But I love certain topics as well. A lot of the topics are a passion I have because the people I know make me angry when they criticize my opinion of the game.

What is your favorite team and why?

I am a Red Sox fan. I grew up in New Hampshire and have been a fan as long as I can remember. Although there was a period of time I acted like it was the Giants/Mariners, to be different from my immediate family. Actually I chose the Giants because my cousin liked them after they were swept by the A’s in the ’89 World Series. I chose the M’s because of Griffey. But deep down, I was always a Red Sox fan. Mike Greenwell was my favorite player when I was very young, then it was Griffey, then Nomar. It still is Nomar. I check almost every Dodgers box score to see how he is doing.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

My thoughts are scattered. I am one of the most random people one will ever meet. What goes on in my head rarely pertains to what is going on outside of it. This gets me in trouble sometimes. I lose focus, and it is hard for me to absorb information. Unless it is about baseball of course. So with blogging I can change topics quickly and it is accepted. Whereas with an article, you stay with the chosen subject. But my baseball thoughts are not quite as scattered, so you will see more structure with them than with any other blogs I write.

Favorite blogs, including at least one MLBlog:

My favorite blogger is Rob Neyer. I read his and Buster Olney’s blogs every single day. Neyer just started blogging. He was only writing and doing chats before. Olney’s is good too. On MLBlogs.com, I enjoy Coral Marshall’s West Coast Student Looking For East Coast Baseball Knowledge, The King’s Game, Brownie Points, Thurman Munson Should Be In The Hall, and others.

Your most memorable Major League moment(s):

I would say I have been to Fenway probably 20-25 times. I have been to many Spring Training games down here in Florida, where I currently reside. One moment I distinctly remember was when Brian Daubach hit a walk-off double when we were down one. Don’t remember who they were playing. But that moment was incredible. I saw Clemens face off against Griffey. Griffey had two doubles and two strikeouts, so I got to see the best of both of them. I saw a 13-inning thriller in ’03 between the Sox and Cards. Edmonds hit two homers including the game winning three-run homer in the top of the 13th, but Nomar had two game tying hits and two great defensive plays. And yes, when he was in his prime he was better than Jeter. As for not being at the game, my most memorable moments were the 2004 ALCS, of course. I was much more excited when they came back against the Yankees. The World Series that year was anticlimactic outside of Game 1. People call me crazy for that. But the comeback was simply far more fulfilling, in my opinion.

What would be doing if you weren’t blogging?

I would be on some other website that I am not as passionate about trying to pass the time. Out of the websites that I go to regularly, sports websites and my online banking sites are the only real productive ones. And to my favorite band Tool’s website, of course.

Last MLB item you bought:

It has been a while. I would say about a year ago, I bought tickets to some Spring Training games. Does MLB.TV and MLBlogs count? Because I have both of those. (Editor’s Note: YES!)

Who is your favorite MLB player?

Nomar is my favorite player. His work ethic, his clutch ability. I know I am biased, but the first half of ’03 there was no one I would rather have with the bat in his hands than Nomar with the game on the line. The guy was simply amazing. It is too bad he has been injured off and on for so long now. And too bad we traded him.

Happiness is…

I really don’t know that answer, for I have faced ordeals that inhibit me from truly enjoying things. But I am passionate about baseball. It fills the void for now.

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Hi, I just sent you an email with my answers to these questions! Look out for it…

http://musico8.wordpress.com “On The Way Home”

Matt Musico


Great first post. Check out my new blog!


Baseball and coffee are two of my favorite things. As a matter of fact I am on my 8th cup this morning.

Enjoyed the Spheroid. I hope the Sox hold off the Yanks to win the AL East. Wouldn’t it be great if Clemens lost his stuff and ends to season with a 5-12 record and a 5.38 ERA?

Anyways… hope I can be included in your favorite MLBlogs at some point. I’ll check yours out on a regular basis and try to comment on what you have to say.



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