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What is your favorite team and why?

My favorite team is the Rockies for many reasons.  One, I get to go
to a lot of games a year.  Why would you go to games of a team you
don’t like? I also know about every player by name, number and face.

HamplebaseballsWhy did you sign up for an MLBlog?

When I was reading Zack Hample’s blog,
the first blog I read, I liked how he could write any of his thoughts
and people would leave comments.  I wanted to do the same and talk with
other Rockies fans about the team, because almost everyone I know
doesn’t care about the Rockies at all.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

My favorite thing about blogging is when I write a post, people make comments on my blog.  I love hearing feedback from other bloggers.

My most memorable MLB moment:

Hmmm…. that’s a though one.  I have some many good memories from Major League Baseball, but my favorite was a game of Jamey Carroll’s last season against the Pirates.  He went 4 for 4 and had 2 amazing catches as he lead the Rockies to a win.

What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?

I would be doing something else that has to do with baseball.  I would be watching more baseball, reading about it or playing it.

Last MLB item you bought:

The last thing I got was a Rockies spring training t-shirt at Hi-Corbett field in the gift shop.  I wanted to have a unique way to remember spring training and show I went.

Who is your favorite MLB player?

That would be Jamey Carroll.  I am totally obsessed with him.  He is my favorite player because he always hustles and is really fast.  He is consistent with the bat and gets on base a lot.  He is also an awesome fielder.  I was very disappointed when the Rockies put him backup to Kaz Matsui.  Carroll should be the starter!

Happiness is…

Winning a World Series.  Winning the fall classic is proof your team is the best.  Players and teams train year-round to win a World Series and once you get there, you can say your team trained the hardest and played the best out of all the teams.


What a shame it is for us Rockies fans.Yet, hope springs eternal.I respect Clint Hurdle,yet to place Spilborgs in the DH instead of Jamie Caroll in the first 2 games at Fenway was not wise.Both Hawpe and Spilborgs were 2 spots on the order that were rather weak.Jamie was a big factor on the Rockies getting into the playoffs in the tie-breaker,and further more,I feel that he should have been better rewarded for his great performance.In game #4 of the World Series,Jamie showed us all how he came within inches of hitting a Home Run to tie the game.If he had had more at bats in games #2 & #4,who knows what the outcome would have been.Jamie Caroll has been overlooked by management,and unfortunately placed into the “Red-headed-******* step child” role,and I am not sure why.Rarely have I ever seen an MLB player play the game with such an intense spirit,and fortitude.As I see it,there were other oversights to be for sure,but I feel that Jamie Caroll was greatly reduced,and not appropriately played.With all due respect to Kazuo Matsui on both sides of the game,Jamie was the crucial missing element that could have possibly brought the World series to 7 games instead of 4.I am loking foreward to next season with high asperations,and it would not surprise me a bit to see the Colorado Rockies back in the MLB playoffs next “Rocktober”.Hang in there Jamey….And GOD bless you. Dave J.-Broomfield,Colo

Jamey Carroll or as I called him, “Jamey ‘All the Little Things’ Carroll” when he played for Montreal and DC was always one of my favorites though he was a backup infielder. Still follow him out in CO. Great blog…

Mark – Pac Man Commercial breaks are much better than Pong!

Party_animal13- I would get Zack Hample’s book: Watching Baseball smarter if I were you. You can learn a lot about baseball if you read it. Check out his blog:

And Mine:


hey….sorry if im posting in the wrong place…i dont know ANYTHING about baseball!! im scottish; we have football and rugby lol! i only know about this site because im a HUGE fan of alyssa milano, and she posts on here. so thats why im here. i was wondering if someone could explain the rules of the game for me? thanks, alee

Thanks for posting my spheroid! I really appreciate it.

Thanks…just noticed you missed one of the regular “Nine Questions” somewhere dude.

Thanks for the shout-out, Charlie. I’m glad to hear that I helped inspire you. Keep blogging, and go Rockies! (Just not against the Mets.)

-The Baseball Collector

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