March 14th, 2007

Hump Day Thoughts

I just read this item below in my email and thought it was worth posting. Hope everyone is having a blast blogging away the hours before another Opening Day.

This Date in Baseball History: 1954 – Hank Aaron homers in his first start with the Braves in an exhibition game against the Boston Red Sox. The noise of the contact is so loud that Ted Williams runs out of the clubhouse to see who can make that sound with a bat.

And welcome to all of the rookies here at MLBlogs, including Red Sox Hen, who replaces her own daughter Cyn, who has taken Red Sox Chick onto the free agent market. Camille actually has had a cup of coffee here in The Show before, having made a Mother’s Day blogging appearance once. With Cyn’s MLBlogging wrapped up, who takes over the role of Most Visited Fan MLBlog? Someone please let me know if you can tell, but I’ll check the reports.

I suppose it is probably Zack Hample and The Baseball Collector, although I still don’t count that one in that category since I fortunately hired Zack here at MLBAM two years ago when we relaunched the property. Now he’s gotten so big that he is catching Barry Bonds home runs and is about to have a big book signing in NYC later this month (but he still seems pretty grounded). And speaking of books, John Nemo has been blogging from Florida at Spring Training while on a book signing tour for the national re-release of his The King’s Game book that was originally released CHAPTER BY CHAPTER RIGHT HERE AT MLBLOGS!!! See what an MLBlog can do for you???

Welcome to the Parisian Yankee! Nice to see you jumping right in there with an fantasy team. If you want the full effect over there across the pond, get MLB.TV Premium so you can have MLB.TV Mosaic and use the awesome Player Tracker that keeps you updated on your fantasy roster while you watch up to six simultaneous live games over your computer. Just ask our ale-loving new friend who posts about the Mets on The Metropolitan Borough of Yorkshire.

I’d just like to say Go IU. My Hoosiers have to face Gonzaga in the opener at Sacramento and then they probably get UCLA if they win. In other words, I am wishing Bobby Knight was coaching my team again right now. I no longer expect them to advance. Hopefully they will stun me, but Gonzaga is a Sweet 16 machine that seems like it is made for March, and, well, UCLA would be just slightly heavily favored. I wish everyone good luck with your brackets.

Nice to see another Marlins MLBlog rolling on a regular basis, so thanks to Luke for deafmarlins and drop him some comments! (I haven’t figured out the meaning of that blog’s title yet, but the URL is funny.)

BTW, my 15K (9.3 miles) time Sunday in the NY Colon Cancer Challenge at Central Park was 1:36.10 and a 10:20 pace, another breakthrough in my quest for this November’s NYC Marathon. It was the first time I have run "station to station", meaning only walking at each fluid station every other mile or so while grabbing the cup of water. Best of all, it was the first time I have gotten to wear SHORTS and a Nike baseball cap since I started endurance running in early December after crushing a pack of Kools for good. If there is anyone out there who smokes and doesn’t think you can run because of it or thinks it seems pointless because they control your life, I am here to say just take the first step, and then another, and then just run like Forrest Gump and suddenly you also will want to drink water and go to the bathroom constantly. Or lift or swim or spin or bike…and you also start to appreciate athletes in MLB more as well. I had to ask someone what "wicking" meant a couple weeks after running, and now I understand why the new caps and Cool Base jerseys and Nike underlayers are so important to Big Papi and others. It’s amazing.

Please help welcome new MLBloggers, because we have so many that have been signing up at this peak signup time of the year. Veteran MLBloggers like Michael at Some Ballyard or Kellia at Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes do this often and we appreciate it.

Have fun blogging and hit me up here with any comments/questions or just shamelessly plug your latest blog post. Also please email me if you would like to be a Spheroid. Just answer those nine questions. Include SPHEROID in the subject, because if you put IRISH NATIONAL LOTTERY or PLEASE YOUR HELP APPRECIATED FOR KING in the subject I guarantee it will get lost in the Yahoo! mail spam that they have no interest in curbing.

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