March 7th, 2007

Spheroid: West Coast College Student Looking For East Coast Baseball Knowledge

It could be a great year for Coral Marshall, the fan behind West Coast College Student Looking For East Coast Baseball Knowledge. Her favorite NFL player, Peyton Manning, got it all done in Miami. Her favorite NASCAR driver, Kasey Kahne,  at least has the same Dodge car number (9) as Ted Williams. Her Angels will contend again. And best of all, she had the good sense to start an MLBlog in the last month so all these other superfans of mass intelligence can leave her constant comments and help cultivate her baseball intellect while she’s in college. Our thanks to Coral for answering the Nine Questions as today’s featured Spheroid, so get to know her.

Why did you sign up for an MLBlog?

Oddly enough it was during my first finals, ever, in college. During my whole first quarter I hadn’t found anyone to talk baseball with, and with the stress of finals I needed someone to vent to. My friend, Joe, recomended that I get a blog, and as if it were a sign there was the ad on So I joined, and have had a place to vent ever since. If anyone here attends UCSD or knows a baseball fan that does, comment my blog.

What is your favorite team and why?

My favorite historic team has to be the 1936 Yankees. DiMaggio leads them to a World Championship (he should have been MVP that year), and Gehrig is on the same team. They also prove that they can win without Ruth. Additionally DiMaggio becomes the first rookie to play in an All-Star Game.

However I am by no means a current Yankees fan. I am a diehard Angels fan. The Angels are my home team, but they have served as a form of bonding between one of my best friends, my Dad, and I.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I don’t blog in general, only about baseball. But I love blogging here because I know that people who share my interests are reading what I am writing. I love knowing that the people who read this can discuss "Who deserved the MVP in 1941?" or "better hitter of 1961 Maris or Mantle?", and that Giants fans on here actually have a response to "How excited are you for Zito?"

Favorite blog, including at least one MLBlog:

I have really been taken by CJ Wilson’s blog. I don’t think I really have a favorite. I just enjoy reading everyone’s opinion and letting them know what I think in response.

Your most memorable Major League moment(s):

Ahh there have been so many.

I was at the game against the Royals where Jeff DaVanon hit for the cycle (for the fifth time ever in Angels history), and Jose Molina hit a grand slam. That was an amazing game.

I was at the game against the Orioles where Troy Percival had his saves ceremony. That was also the game where Robb Quinlan tied Nomar’s record for the longest hit streak by an American League rookie. I met Jeff DaVanon also that night.

During the summer of 2006 I got to see A-Rod make an error in person, at Yankee Stadium, that was priceless. Plus seeing where the Clipper played in person…indescribable. All with my best friend Ali.

Lackey vs. Willis as my Father’s Day gift to my Dad one year.

Having Scott Spiezio wave at me.

Joking around with John Lackey about who would have more K’s — him or Randy Johnson.

Seeing Orlando Cabrera homer in the 2005 ALCS.

Having a ball thrown to me by Mo Vaughn when he was still with the Angels.

Finding out that my Dad had gotten tickets for a random game during the week throughout school.

However I don’t know that my "most memorable moment" counts, as it isn’t technically a Major League moment. For Christmas in 2005 my parents bought me tickets to three games of the World Baseball Classic. I turned 18 that week, and was leaving for a two week long trip to Russia the day after the last game. I was praying that team USA would make it  to the second round so that I could see them, and sure enough there they were. Before the gamChippere I made my way over to the dugout where I got to meet Jake Peavy, Brian Fuentes, Scot Shields, Chad Cordero, Joe Nathan and Huston
Street. Then it was time for all the boys to be announced, and as I looked out at Roger Clemens next to Mark Texiera I got teary eyed. Never before had I felt so proud to be an American. To see the best of the best assembled before me, representing the country that I love so much, united as one despite their Major League alliances to portray what we all believe in, the United States of America. Then it was time for play to commence and my Dad and I hiked up to the VERY last row of the view section. We got to see Dontrelle pitch in person for the second time, and we made some fellow bleacher creature friends. I was decked out in red, white, and blue, and even though team USA lost, and it was below 40, and my Mom was mad that we stayed out so late in the cold while I was sick and hadn’t packed for Russia, it was the greatest baseball experience of my life.

What would be doing if you weren’t blogging?

I would sleep a lot more. I would also probably do more reading regarding my classes instead of baseball. Thats actually not true. Even if I didn’t have my blog I would still have shelves full of baseball books. And once those are done, an entire University library’s stock of baseball books (which is fairly impressive). So possibly homework, but probably just reading about baseball somewhere else.

Last MLB item you bought:

Tickets to the Angels’ season opener against the Rangers on April 2, 2007, at 7:05 Pacific Standard Time.

Who is your favorite MLB player?

My favorite all time player is Joey D. This summer I had the opportunity to retrace his steps, in a very broad sense. I have read numerous books about the man, and have a pretty good idea of his entire history (or at least what has been published), and the Richard Ben Cramer biography is by far my favorite. So with that book in tow, almost like a bible, I set out to find my baseball roots. I went up to San Francisco (unfortunately not Martinez, DiMaggio’s birth place), here I got to see Taylor Street (where he grew up), I could see the church he got married in, the bay where he fished with Gisuppe,Joemarilyn
where the Grotto used to be located, where he took his first girlfriend on dates, and most importantly the park where he learned to play baseball. I even saw an A’s game (the only team DiMaggio ever worked for other than the Yanks) Then later in the summer I had the opportunity to go to New York, and see a game at Yankee stadium. This really brought things full circle. I also had the opportunity (coincidentally, not planned) to stay at the same hotel that DiMaggio and Monroe got in their famous last fight (the St. Regis). DiMaggio epitomizes perfection in my opinion. Not only in his on-field performance, but his off-field persona. I’m not claiming that Joe DiMaggio was a nice guy, but rather that his dedication has yet to be matched (well, except maybe by Peyton Manning). And 361 HRs/369 strikeouts is nothing to laugh at. Plus 56 games straight.

My favorite current players are Scott Spiezio (Game 6, come on) Jeff DaVanon (the cycle), David Adamsandler_1Eckstein (I ballot stuffed for the 2005 All-Star Game), Barry Zito (not so much now that he is a Giant), Hank Blalock (there is just something about him), and John Lackey (my favorite current Angel).

Happiness is…

Watching sports with friends. The reason I train home to watch football on Sundays. The reason that I go to NASCAR and will sleep in a tent. The reason that I’ll miss the first day of Spring Quarter classes to go to the Angels’ season opener. That and Adam Sandler movies.

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