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Every day we show you another benefit of putting your blog in the big leagues right here in the ‘Sphere. You know all the other reasons — linked in from MLB Galaxy, official marks/logos, appearing on MLB Radio, newspaper/Internet stories written about MLBloggers, blogging alongside Wright and Cantu and everyone else here, etc. Blabla, you’re tired of hearing about it by now, just tell me what the next great benefit is for posting that next Recently Updated Weblog…

Unit_1Well, here it is straight from Gur Melamede, the Photo Editor at MLB.com. Inspired by that Randy Johnson shot from Red Sox Chick and various others recently including that Citzens Bank Park gallery that was highlighted a couple posts below in the Phillies Girl Spheroid, Gur says MLB.com could include really top-quality ballpark shots in those weekly Photo Galleries that we at MLB Advanced Media post on the homepages of your favorite club sites. It’s right under the headline stack on club.com. Typically AP/Getty shots, with occasional MLB.com staff photos. What if you were watching one of those slideshows and came across a (credited) MLBlogger shot?

Here’s how it will work. If you are posting an exceptional photo or see one around the MLBlogosphere, just post the URL as a comment here on the house blog. I’ll forward it to Gur, and he and his crew are the judges of what makes the gallery. Gur has some advice and thoughts for MLBlog photographers, and we’ll post that here in the next day or so. You might not be in the dugout-side camera well nor equipped with a gigantic telephoto lens, but it’s all about the ballpark experience and MLBloggers who are at the ballpark frequently demonstrate that. You know a really good photo when you see one, and that’s what we are inviting for the club photo galleries that are all posted once a week, at different days depending on the club.

What you think about with the Unit shot: Rare that a pitcher seems to be looking right into your eyes for the sign; depth of field with Bernie right there behind him; subtle filter effect of the screen, which you notice when looking closely; that looming Green thing behind the players; second base in the image so you sense the positioning; unique lines, with the angles seemingly tilted in the picture while Unit is straight-up; and straight-up indeed, heavily vertical on this shot because he’s 6-10. Another split-second and you don’t get this shot, and it was taken by a fan in the stands. There are going to be more and more really good ballpark photos taken by fans going forward as the MLBlogosphere and consumer-created content skyrockets. Starting now and going forward with that week’s action, just post any heads-up here for consideration of any high-quality shots and you might start seeing an occasional MLBlogger credited in one of those club photo galleries.


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Hey Mark!
I have a few pictures that may be of interest…







hey Mark,
check out my pics from June 13th =).

– Lo


Incentive for me to road trip to more ballparks… also for me to get a freaking digital camera with a good zoom. This disposable camera stuff is for the birds.

This photo of Randy is pretty awesome!

Thanks, Mark, as always.



In case you missed it:


(Father’s Day Special)

“Like Father Like Son”

Yeah we all know about Koby Clemens, but did you know Mario Mendoza’s kid is playing professional ball?

Come to INSIDE PITCH to see a LIST of the children of present and ex-Major Leaguers playing in the Minor Leagues today—You might be surprised at how far the bloodlines flow. Links are provided so you can follow the 2006 progress of the children and also access the career statistics of their fathers.

Anyone who can add a name I have missed gets a free cab ride, provided they’re lucky enough to flag me down.

Carl the Cabbie


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