Spheroid: Mets Fan in Texas


There are a lot of Mets bloggers here in this season of big expectations, from David Wright to a Mets Fan in Texas. Paul is typical of so many Major League Baseball fans who are displaced in this mobile world but find ways to stay connected to that favorite team, so many will identify with his story. Here are Nine Questions for today’s featured Spheroid:

1. Why do you blog?

I’m a former aspiring writer with an interest in baseball. I hadn’t written anything but emails and code lately, so I figured I’d blog as an outlet for my creative side. I discovered MLBlogs.com at the end of last season, and figured I’d give it a shot to begin the 2006 season. So, one Saturday night, I couldn’t get a date, so I decided I’d start a blog (I imagine that’s how most blogs get started). I’m a life-long Mets fan, and figured they’d be a good subject for me. Write about what you know, right? MLBlogs gives me a good forum for my blog, because I know people will actually read it!
2. What was your favorite post?

I’d like to think my best is yet to come. The Mets could help me out by getting into the World Series this year. Do it for the blogger!

3. What’s the story behind the name of your MLBlog?

I actually moved to Colorado almost 10 years ago to pursue a career in broadcast software. I was doing tech support and traveling customer service for a traffic system called Enterprise. I moved to Dallas about three years ago and I’m now the lead developer on a news automation system for Sundance Digital. It’s an application that allows the director to run his/her video and graphics with push of a button during newscasts, and NBA-TV’s highlight show is an example of the uses. Before I moved to Colorado, I worked for WWOR-TV, the Mets’ primary station at the time. I did various things, including producing promos for the Mets. But I had always been a fan of the team, and still am, even though I am far from New York.

And by the way, even though I don’t have MLB.TV (it’s a very cool idea, but it might not be good for my mental health to watch the Mets on a daily basis!), I listen to games occasionally on Gameday Audio.

4. What was your strangest blogging experience?

It would have to be this one.  I mean, how often does a blog from 20 years into the future appear on your monitor?

5. Favorite blogs, including at least one in the MLBlogosphere:

I like Daily Mets Blog in the MLBlogosphere. It’s informative and well-written. Otherwise, I really don’t read blogs. I do like to read political blogs sometimes, on both sides of the political spectrum. Those guys are crazier than sports fans.

6. What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?

Probably playing golf, playing a video game, or just trying to stay cool in the 100-degree Dallas heat. But why do any of that when you can blog?

7. Where do you think the blogosphere is going?

The blogosphere gives the common man a voice. It is freedom of speech in its purest form. Most journalists look down upon bloggers, but that’s because they have lost sight of what it means to be a journalist. These days, they are celebrities who are more interested in becoming the next Woodward and/or Bernstein, instead of reporting the news with integrity and honesty. They don’t represent the people anymore. They represent themselves. Blogging is the purest form of journalism (but sometimes with bad spelling and grammar).

8. What is one thing people here don’t know about you?

I can’t spell "Grudzielanek." Oh, wait…

9. Happiness is . . .

A hot dog at Shea Stadium, or a game at Ameriquest Field in Arlington, TX, when the temperature is below 100 degrees. Which is not very often.


Join Paul at Mets Fan in Texas, and feel free to email us with your responses to those Nine Questions if you’d like to have your MLBlog promoted here.

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